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Less and less

Re ``Crashing in'' (March 6):

How far our klieg lights have fallen ... George Clooney had to reach back to 1939 to cite an example where Hollywood was on the unpopular but correct side of an issue. Surely there is something newer, or is that the most recent moment and is Hollywood that out of touch?

While few good movies are made each year out of the thousands made, many of the movies made in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s still have audiences today. That number seems to grow less and less each year. Of all the films that got top honors from the Academy, and all the popular films of today, which ones will have an audience 30, 40 or 50 years from now? Will any be considered ``classics'' 60, 70, 80 years from now?

- John Reynolds

Canoga Park

Oscar's dull

Re Oscars (March 6):

Either Hollywood needs to retool filmmaking, or families will have to find an alternate form of entertainment. Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony had to be the dullest entertainment in its 78-year history.

- Ray Holm

Thousand Oaks

Oscar agendas

Re Oscars: (March 6):

Hollywood in 2005 churned out films in which it wanted to get its agendas out there, but moviegoers didn't bite. So good night to ``Good Night'' and tough luck to ``Capote'' and his ``Brokeback Mountain'' buddies and to dismal ``Munich'' ``Crash'' and to ``Transamerica'' and ``Syrianad'' deaths at the starting gate.

Together these films didn't wrack up enough bucks to earn half the amount of ``Narnia.'' What is it Tinseltown doesn't get? Do they actually think ``It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp'' (best song) is something we're going to whistle coming out of the theater?

- Paul Vaughn

Van Nuys

Re ``L.A.'s money woes'' (March 3):

Mayor Villaraigosa is going to pull the city out of debt within five years by maybe cutting services, raising fees and layoffs. Here are a few of the things that won't happen to save money. Elected officials, department heads, etc., will not be stripped of city-owned and maintained take-home cars. Officials who go on junkets to New York City, Washington, D.C., and Europe on the city's dime will not be staying at a Motel 6 and eating at Subway. Obscenely lavish catered meals delivered to city officials' offices, paid for by the city, will continue.

Any cutbacks and layoffs, as usual, will happen only to low- and midlevel employees. The mayor should lead by example, but it will never happen.

- John R. Schlank

Granada Hills

Biblical literalism

Re ``Mahony urges end to hostility toward immigrants'' (March 2):

The Bible instructs us Christians and Jews to extend hospitality to the alien. But I'm sure it never meant said alien may invade you, usurp your livelihood, overcrowd your space, health care, educational and criminal justice systems, overwhelm all other social services and contribute to further environmental pollution. No, I'm positive the biblical writers were thinking along the lines of hospitality to visitors. You know, those people who spend specific amounts of time with you then either go home or somewhere else.Therefore, I hope the good Cardinal Mahony will realize that his devout admonitions regarding immigration are erroneous. If he does not, I never knew biblical literalism was part of Catholic theology.

- Kathryn Durfee


Antonio's solution

Re ``Antonio's dire warning'' (March 2):

The mayor is going to balance the budget, even if it means laying off city workers. Villaraigos<WC>a<WC1>, instead of laying off city workers, how about laying off city bureaucrats? If this is your approach to problem - solving, then I hope you never get your hands on the LAUSD.

- Michael Helwig

Canoga Park

Defying the law

``Mahony urges end to hostility toward immigrants'' (March 2):

Cardinal Mahony seems to think he is above the law, previously with sheltering pedophiles and now openly defying the proposed immigration law. Is it time for the IRS to look into the Catholic Church's nonpaying tax status? It seems as though he is getting involved in politics and I thought that was a no-no.

Give me your hungry, poor, etc., and send them to Mahony, he will welcome them with open arms, paying for their health and welfare, thereby relieving the overcrowded rolls that we taxpayers are paying through the teeth for.

- Alda Pearson


Out of line

Roger Mahony's statements are completely out of line. Illegal aliens cost immense amounts of money, far more than they pay in taxes. They drive up housing costs, overstrain and ultimately destroy hospital emergency rooms, road infrastructure, schools, and many other social benefits. Mahony isn't going to be suffering the ill effects himself. In fact, his position isn't truly derived from core Catholic teachings, as opposition to abortion and the death penalty is.

We need a Senate version of HR 4437, the enforcement-only bill passed by the House, instead of the massive illegal-alien amnesties (and massive increases in legal immigration) being pushed by McCain, Kennedy and Specter. HR 4437 allows employers six years to replace illegal alien employees, so in contradiction to HR 4437's opponents there won't be significant economic disruption. The elimination of employment and government benefits for illegal aliens will obviate the need for any putative mass deportations that HR 4437 opponents have conjured up.

- Richard Sol

Los Angeles

Not the kids

Re ``Goldberg bill takes DWP side against district'' (March 3):

Why do you continue to give Jackie Goldberg front-page coverage? She is pandering to her union buddies now with this bill. Those clever folks at the DWP for billing the district as a private entity. I found the article doubling amusing, though, as the LAUSD attorney self-righteously complained that monies going to the DWP would be money going to kids.

Tell the truth - that would be money going to to the layers of bureaucracy at the district and to all the pensions and promises and heavy-hitter salaries that the people over there collect; the kids are the last ones in line when it comes to doling out the dollars. This is an organization infamous for its need to have six people doing the same job and its own inability to fire the incompetent. Question of the day: When Roy Romer retires from the district what are the details of his golden parachute, keeping in mind he collects a pretty nice one from his stint as governor of Colorado?

- Kim Greene

Studio City

The motherly mutt

Re ``Motherly mutt is cat's meow'':

As an animal lover, I couldn't get enough of Wuf, the ``motherly mutt.'' The story just warmed every inch of my heart and had me smiling with joy from ear to ear. It was indeed a treat to read such a delightful and loving story about Wuf and her cats and kittens. Thank you, Dennis McCarthy, for writing this awesome story.

- Sophia Sherman

Sherman Oaks

Drop in the bucket

The Daily News article ``Mayor pledges to expand LA's BEST program'' Feb 24), points out that a new study shows LA's BEST is producing real results in reducing the dropout rate. If that's true and the present dropout rate, as Villaraigosa says, is 50 percent, then the dropout rate must have been even worse when the LA's Best program started 20 years ago. Therefore, if LAUSD invests the millions of dollars now in the LA's Best, then maybe we can expect the dropout rate to drop to 25 percent in another 20 years.

- Hal Netkin

North Hollywood
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