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Costly gridlock

Re ``405 fix runs out of time'' (Sept. 9):

I would be laughing if it wasn't so tragic, but the incompetents in Sacramento just frittered away $130 million that would have benefited the cash cow taxpayer. Their time was better spent on their own agendas of gay marriage and driver's licenses for illegals. Issues only near and dear to their hearts, not the people of California. Please, dear voters, vote for redistricting. We can no longer afford politics as usual.

- Claire Magid



Re ``Anger follows 405 bill failure'' (Sept. 10):

So, the Democrats' territorialism isn't confined merely to blocking Republican ideas. Now they're willing to eat their own to protect the state engineers union. Gotta love Richard Alarcon's hypocritical comments on how he intended to vote for the bill, but supported Don Perata's decision to shut down the Senate session ``sending a message to the Assembly that measures shouldn't be forced through at the last minute.''

Can anyone say ``illegal alien driver's licenses''? How about tacking a gay marriage amendment onto a marine research bill? Those passed late in the game.

- Dink O'Neal


Unions' fault

Re ``405 fix runs out of time'' (Sept. 9):

The residents of Los Angeles lose $130 million from the federal government to widen the 405 Freeway because of the engineers union. Meanwhile, Alaska gets $250 million to build a bridge to an island where 50 people live. You can't watch TV for five minutes without a teachers union-sponsored commercial bashing our governor. Meanwhile, the LAUSD dropout rate is above 30 percent and rising. I can hardly wait for the government to provide prescription drug benefits and health care.

- Matthew Schaaf

Granada Hills

In twilight zone

Re ``Making a place for workers'' (Sept. 11):

What next? Do we provide a shuttle bus to make their trip to the bathrooms less taxing since, after all, it is a ``long sprawling parking lot''? I feel like we live in the twilight zone now. According to the director of the National Day Labor Organizing Network, this is public property, so why don't they provide the ``amenities''?

We know who will be paying for these amenities if Home Depot is forced to pay for them. The cost will go right into higher prices for consumers. And by the way, does anybody have the guts to say ``illegal aliens?'' Enough is enough is enough.

- Pat Hrupcho

Granada Hills

Covering his tracks

As if President George W. Bush hasn't done enough, now he wants to cover his ... tracks by supposedly investigating himself in regard to the horrendous handling of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. It sounds a little like when the White House and RNC were dragged kicking and screaming into an investigation of 9-11.

The White House also fought against the intelligence failure investigation. In all honesty, why aren't people laughing in President Bush's face at such a blatant and baldfaced ridiculous notion? Please. The man is at best an incompetent. Let's let an independent investigation find out what might be worse.

- Gary Trousdale



Four years after Sept. 11, it is clear the Bush administration has made us less safe. We need an independent commission modeled on the 9-11 Commission to investigate what went wrong at FEMA and other agencies.

We can't let one political party - especially the one running the government - control the investigation of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. The investigation must be independent from the politicians and have its own investigators, budget and subpoena authority.

- Jill Gurr

Los Angeles

Pure vitriolic

Re ``Trials should follow New Orleans debacle'' (Viewpoint, Sept. 11):

Rochelle Riley advocates trials for those whom she believes to be responsible for the hurricane tragedy. If not for our First Amendment freedoms, this reporter should be put on trial for appalling ignorance and deliberate misstatement of the related issues. To omit mention of local and state government failures in this situation and to presume that President Bush has no feeling for the poor is based on pure vitriolic hatred of Bush.

When the next hurricane hits the Carolinas, and ``rich'' people's resorts and homes are destroyed, who will be blamed then?

- Harris S. Goldman



The Bush administration has successfully rallied a large number of supporters by endlessly repeating catchy slogans. It won an election by chanting ``flip-flopper'' and is now trying to survive its latest tragic bungling by singing ``blame game.'' This is the political equivalent of shouting ``nyah nyah'' on the schoolyard.

It has ineptly led the nation through one disaster after another, from the intelligence failures of 9-11, through the Iraqi misadventure, to the embarrassing incompetence of its response to Hurricane Katrina. In every instance, it has responded to demands for accountability by saying that we're in too much trouble to stop and assess who was responsible. Instead, let's pin medals on the bunglers and purge the truth tellers.

- Morris Schorr

Woodland Hills

Courts decide

Re ``Arnold to veto gay bill'' (Sept. 8):

While it is acknowledged that the Scriptures oppose the behavior of homosexuality, the good people of California used common sense in their voting privilege of the year 2000. It is not true that it is strictly a religious issue. It is a historical precedent that one cannot deny. The governor is correct in allowing the courts to determine the constitutionality of the recent bill before him.

- Kenneth Grissom

La Crescenta

Pointless vote

Can someone please remind me why we voted on Proposition 22 (California Defense of Marriage Act)?

- Kelly A. Dunnahoo


Tiresome Sowell

Re ``What turns idealism to selfishness?'' (Their Opinions, Sept. 1):

Thomas Sowell's repeated characterizations of Californians as ``liberal environmental zealots'' is truly growing tiresome. He advocates that, since the California hills are ``in fact brown half the year'' and ``are covered with ugly withered grass,'' it would be preferable to build houses on them so real estate would be less expensive.

Since he does not like the look of the California hills, I suggest he keep himself and his opinion out of the state of California. He also contends that the movements to protect these hillsides from development are motivated by selfishness on the part of existing homeowners. What rubbish.

- Russell Smith


Always a myth

Re ``Pogue carburetor'' (Your Opinions, Aug. 31):

William Link must not have heard of throttle body fuel injection. High pressure fuel is injected into the throttle body (Pogue carburetor). It first appeared on American cars in the late '70s and is still used on a few models today. Mileage increases when first introduced were maybe 5-10 percent above the carburetors of that time. Hardly 100 miles per gallon.

Much more efficient multiport injection, used on almost all cars since 1990, can deliver 40 to 50 mpg on small, lightweight cars and 20 to 30 on midsize cars. The 100 mpg carburetor is and always has been a myth.

- John King

Granada Hills
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