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A first

Re ``Special election may reverberate nationally'' (June 14):

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls a special election for November. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuez, D-Los Angeles, responds with concern about the cost to the taxpayers. This is the first time that I can remember that a Democrat was concerned about the state spending taxpayers' money.

- Raymond Nelson


Restoring sanity

Re ``Special election may reverberate nationally'' (June 14):

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's bold initiatives to take back our government from the special interests will restore sanity and give California a fresh start. Instead of the usual pandering to identity groups and the public sector, he is demanding efficiency and forcing the legislators to spend within our means. If we miss this opportunity to emancipate the taxpayers of California from the ``compassion'' industry and public-sector unions, we will continue down the road to bankruptcy.

- Ralph Smith

Woodland Hills

Stars truck

Re ``Jackson cleared on all counts in molestation trial'' (May 19):

Ah, California, what a great place to live - if you are a celebrity on trial. I had hoped that the Santa Maria jurors were going to be open-minded, but obviously they were all star-struck, just like with O.J. Simpson and Robert Blake. I guess they all would gladly send their young boys to Michael Jackson's bed, after all it is all ``innocent.''

- Alda Pearson


Good verdict

Re ``Jackson cleared on all counts in molestation trial'' (May 19):

A lot of people don't realize that Americans are good at bending the truth in search of wealth and money. It is amazing the very same people who scream ``whitewash'' would have been congratulating the jury on a ``job well done.'' I wonder when will trial by media be abolished in this country? Let's see a bit more fairness introduced to the American legal system.

- Angela Morgan

Van Nuys

Big waste of time

Re ``Jackson cleared on all counts in molestation trial'' (May 19):

What a big waste of time and money! The prosecuting attorneys should be ashamed of themselves. Apparently they forgot how our legal justice system works. Here's a crash course: reasonable doubt. They couldn't prove he did it beyond a reasonable doubt, and so Michael Jackson walks. Very sad indeed.

- Christine Walker

West Hills

Looks bleak

Re ``Jackson cleared on all counts in molestation trial'' (May 19):

It looks pretty bleak from here. No way would I allow a child to get near Michael Jackson, listen to his music, watch him on TV, nothing. He may be not guilty, but he is not innocent. No mentally stable adult does what he did. But because he is a celebrity, he gets away with his sick view of children. He sure is lucky it wasn't my child he slept with.

- Greg Beckman Sr.

North Hollywood


All those who think Michael Jackson got away with criminal behavior because in their imagination he was guilty should move to Russia where you don't need proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict someone.

And Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon should consider working in Russia, where you don't need credible witnesses to put someone in prison. What a waste of taxpayers' money. Time to retire the ``mad dog'' prosecutor.

If Michael Jackson was guilty of some charges, this overzealous prosecution/persecution of him was punishment enough - emotionally and financially.

- John Wisdom Dancer

Canoga Park

Fact as fiction

What will our future be like as more and more fiction is considered fact and fact is considered fiction? A country where something good is considered bad, and something bad is considered good, cannot endure.

Many claim that President Bill Clinton was wrongly impeached because he lied about sex when the facts are that he lied under oath, which is a felony. They then ask for President George W. Bush to be impeached because he lied about weapons of mass destruction. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Saddam Hussein had ample time to hide or sell his WMDs while French, German and Russian diplomats were postponing implementation of United Nations resolutions. The fact that the three countries were benefiting from the ``food for oil'' program is being completely ignored, along with the fact that Saddam had used WMDs against Iraqi citizens.

- Bill Zelenka

Granada Hills

Not better off

We are not better off with a deposed Saddam Hussein. That job should have gone to Saudi Arabia and should not have cost American lives, billions of tax dollars, and continued embarrassment and revelations about how we got into this war. Iraq was a small player in the world, and American involvement is unfortunate. We now have to save face to validate the loss of American life and face a weakening economy run by a man who would rather ensure that Iraqis have cheap gas rather than his fellow Americans.

- Leigh Datzker

Woodland Hills

Plastic spending

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ``California has to stop spending more than it takes in.'' That is common sense. But common sense is impossible to understand by some people obsessed with the idea to charge everything they buy to their beloved plastic cards. After all, once they hit financial bottom, they can declare bankruptcy ... and start all over again.

- Dante F. Rochetti

West Hills

Fed up

Whoever runs for president of the United States in 2008, be it Democrat or Republican, I guarantee you: If they run on the platform of serious, drastic and meaningful immigration reform, they will win the election. Our schools, hospitals, prisons and highways are overrun with illegals who are invading this country, and we've all come to realize that the costs of providing these services to them far outweighs the financial benefits of having them here. There has never been a more perfect example of society being penny-wise but pound-foolish. We are fed up with the government's inaction on this issue, and it is now time to take back control of our country.

- Gary Haskins

Eagle Rock

Liberals like money, too

Re ```30 Days' goes beyond Big Macs'' (U, June 15):

In David Kronke's review of ``30 Days,'' he states that Rupert Murdoch's FX network is airing the new TV show. In parenthesis, Kronke writes, ``notice that no liberals offered him such a high-profile outlet.'' What does that mean? How in the world would we know who made offers to Morgan Spulock, the filmmaker responsible for the ``30 Days'' show? Liberals like to make money, too.

- Eileen O'Neill

West Hills

Bringing back hope

Re ``Lights, camera, Jackson!'' (June 15):

It appears now that two Jacksons were found ``not guilty'' in their respective cases. The Lakers finally realized that their best opportunity to win another championship lies within Phil's coaching style and leadership, especially after this past season ended embarrassingly short and with a record better off unmentioned.

Now if Dr. Buss can bring back D-Fish and Shaq (he can opt out after this season), together with new additions Lamar Odom and Caron Butler, we might see what could have been had everyone been healthy, not on trial (Kobe) and in shape (Shaq). I'd even settle for the Western Division championship at this point.

Thanks, Phil, for bringing hope back to us Lakers fans after such a dismal and forgettable 2004-05 season.

- Dave Stonefield

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