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LAPD flashlights

Re ``Small flashlights for LAPD'' (April 13):

My God ... the Los Angeles Police Department should get the Golden Fleece award. This ranks right up with $300 toilet seats for the Navy. Give me the contract. I'll sell you all the mil/spec, regulation flashlights you want for $19.95 and retire on the profit. Doesn't any city agency have anybody in procurement with a brain?

- Jim Rowe


Flashlights are symptom

Re ``Small flashlights for LAPD'' (April 13):

Chief William Bratton's responses to policing problems are easily anticipated. Just follow Mayor Hahn's and activists' outbursts. Bratton takes them rote. Hahn abhorred a car thief's assault by big flashlight. So did activists. So Bratton proposed baby flashlights. The union didn't like it.

A young car thief fled police, crashed, then twice smashed the police car and was shot in self-defense. Hahn and activists didn't like it. So neither did Bratton, ordering officers to just get out of the way of suspects in moving cars. But the law-abiding community doesn't like it. Maybe a new mayor won't either. So Bratton might become more like Parks?

- Richard M. Holbrook


Political gain

In an act of desperation to save his job and with nothing else in his quiver, Mayor Hahn had the temerity to strong-arm his own Police Commission Tuesday and further dilute the ability of our police officers to protect the public. And all for political gain.

Hahn, through Police Chief Bratton, thought that by eliminating effective police tools like strong flashlights, he could gain favor with parts of the public. But just like everything else this mayor seems to do, his thinking was wrong. Putting politics above public safety is bad government - a history we have learned to expect from our current mayor. Our officers and the public deserve better.

- Nate Brogin

Sherman Oaks

Intransigent car companies

Re ``Gas prices up 11 days in a row'' (april 13):

Are the gas companies and the American car manufacturers in cahoots? GM, Ford, etc., seem to ignore the influx of Japanese gas savers - the Prius and Honda. Are our car makers too arrogant and greedy to acknowledge the possible success of those Japanese gas savers?

And the gas companies are rubbing their hands in glee when they see the obnoxious SUVs cluttering our streets and highways while being the worst gas guzzlers ever. When are these troubled companies going to wise up that the Japanese are outsmarting us and in doing so driving the American consumer right into their laps. We are being ``gassed and SUV'ed'' to death by our own intransigent car companies.

- Earl D. Horwitz

North Hills

Real gas guzzlers

Re ``Gas prices up 11 days in a row'' (April 13):

The news makes it appears that autos, trucks and SUVs are the only users of fuel. The airline industry is never mentioned even though they consume unbelievable amounts of fuel. Multiyear contracts with oil companies keep their fuel costs low, causing higher prices for energy everywhere else.

The grounding of flights and the general slowdown of air travel immediately after 9-11 caused gas prices to plummet and remain low for many months. A single large jet at takeoff is carrying 40,000 to 50,000 gallons of fuel, enough fuel to last the average driver 40 years.

If we are going to conserve, everyone should join in and if prices go up, let everyone share the increase. This will keep the sticker shock a little more bearable and not destroy a single industry.

- James A. Murad


City fleet

Re ``Gas costs pumping agencies' budgets dry'' (April 13):

If the city is so worried about the cost of gas for its fleet of cars, why not eliminate all city limos and cars for all of the city officials.? Let the officials drive their own cars and pay for their own gas - just as we private citizens do.

- Bernyce Roth

North Hollywood

Gas tax

Re ``Hog heaven'' (Your Opinions, April 14):

The writer's letter reflects the ignorance of many who believe that as gas prices go up, tax revenues also increase. Gasoline taxes are a set fee, I believe 18 cents per gallon at the federal level, and do not change with the up or down cost of a gallon. Same with state taxes (14 cents?).

Whether the cost of a gallon is $1.79 or $2.57, you pay the same tax. The idea that the government collects greater tax revenue with higher prices is absurd. In fact, with the great price increases in gasoline lately, people are buying less of it, therefore decreasing the taxes collected.

- Steve McCombs


Lollipop bust

Re ``Sucker bet? Boy loses gamble in bus-candy case'' (April 12):

After reading and seeing the coverage about the ``Sucker Bet'' involving Joel Prendiz's son being cited by a sheriff's deputy for consuming a sucker on a local transit bus, I really find it entertaining what he is teaching his son.

It seems to be the ``in thing'' to deflect responsibility and blame everyone else for their personal actions. I am sure this will serve his son well later in life. As for Prendiz stating this whole incident was a waste of time, especially for the courts, well, he is right! Why did he waste their time?

- Paul Kobe


See how they run

Re ``Stem cell bid bungled'' (April 13):

Your front-page article regarding divvying up $3 billion in stem cell money shows how all the criminals come out of the woodwork to get their hands on the money, then cry like babies when they fail to qualify. The criminals in Los Angeles lost out on this one.

This is one proposition that never should have passed. The something- for-nothing crowd got suckered and prevailed again. Now the property owners will have to bail out the politicians once again.

- Bob Sharp


Inspector general audits

Re ``LAUSD watchdog'' (Your Opinions, April 13):

Prior to the formation of the Office of the Inspector General, six years ago, the audit reports only went to the Board of Education and the auditee. In 2003, the OIG stopped printing and distributing the report, instead opting to create PDF files, e-mailing the report and making them available on our Web site. The OIG Web site has a directory of almost every audit report issued since 2001, which include an executive summary, and detailed information. The names of the auditors assigned to the audit are listed in an index sheet. The OIG Web site can be accessed at, search for OIG, go to Office of Audits and the reading room.

There are problems in the Los Angeles Unified School District (like morale, retention and recruitment) that need to be addressed, just like the departments and schools that need auditing, but ``hiding'' audit findings is not one of them.

- Brian Wilson

Los Angeles

Rising to the occasion?

Re ``Missing Mullinax'' (Editorial, April 10):

The last few words of the final paragraph state that the LAUSD could be ``headed for serious trouble.'' Which makes that the understatement of the year, decade or century. Every other day, I read in the Daily News of the lavish ways of the LAUSD - and please don't tell me about Roy and the board rising to the occasion.

- Joe Pinoy Lozano

Mission Hills

Not optimistic

Sad to say, there is no reason for me to go to the polls to elect a mayor. James Hahn betrayed the Valley in manipulating our rights as free people to vote between ourselves on the secession issue.

Antonio Villaraigosa has his personal agenda - but I would not kid myself that he has included me in his plans. I have no choice but to stay home.

- Theodora Howell

West Hills
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