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A Daily News editorial on June 3, ``Soaring arrogance,'' defines the root cause of the Los Angeles problem. Your statement that Los Angeles officials are ``backed by the money of developers, contractors, influence peddlers and labor unions that got each of them elected'' tells it all. These elected officials are in a club whose members enjoy the highest salaries and most lucrative retirement plan in the country. In an effort to join that club, these officials sell themselves to the campaign contributors - to the detriment of the general public.

There is a simple way for the voters to regain control of their city. Change the City Charter to allow the voters a yes or no vote on the salary of each elected official. If any of you readers is well-versed in the mechanics of charter changes, I'm willing to get involved.

- Gus Smyrnos

Van Nuys

Failure no option

Regarding the June 3 editorial ``Soaring arrogance'':

If secession fails, the over-the-hill gang's contempt toward the Valley will be of biblical proportions. We will be punished.

- Darene Sutherland


Realities of secession

Re ``Soaring arrogance'':

You're so right. The downtown swine - James Hahn, Kam Kuwata, the City Council and Ron Deaton - are ignoring the realities of secession and continuing to slop at the trough of the special-interest fat cats, including the National Football League. What happened to honor and integrity?

- Henry J. Magid


Needs Los Angeles

Re ``Rent-hike anxiety'' (June 2):

I am one of the many tenants in the San Fernando Valley whom the rent control ordinance protects. I cannot imagine what I would do if my rent was not protected.

This is yet another reason why the San Fernando Valley should not be its own city. This shows that the San Fernando Valley does need Los Angeles, since all the ordinances, laws and programs are already in place. A new city would have none of these programs that help so many of us.

- Caroline Malloy


Greater representation

If the Valley stays with Los Angeles, why not divide it into five City Council districts that coincide with the five current divisions of the Los Angeles Police Department? That way there would be true proportional representation, and communities would not be broken up, eliminating the gerrymandering of the council.

If the Valley splits from Los Angeles, why not divide those districts into three smaller areas - 15 total - giving even greater representation?

- Nancy Valentine

Van Nuys

Lack of compassion

Citing the ``unmitigated insanity'' of the Valley succession movement, Eddie Dunlop's ``sane and mitigated'' reaction to it (Public Forum, June 3) is for Los Angeles, at 12 midnight after a successful secession vote, to terminate police, fire, water and power, library and all other city services to the Valley - in other words, for Los Angeles to take ``its'' ball and go home with it.

This sort of arrogance, elitism and mean-spirited bullying is what is at the very core of the anti-secession drive. It's typical of the lack of compassion we have experienced for decades from our Angeleno brethren. Get ready to hear some pretty scary, crazy and mean stuff coming from ``over the hill'' in the next six months.

- Robert A. Stachowiak


Pay our way Valley

The Eddie Dunlop letter (Public Fourm, June 3), suggesting that water, police and firefighter services are generous gifts to the ungrateful Valley people, personifies the arrogance shown by Los Angeles city government, including the mayor and the City Council. What Dunlop and the city government fail to realize is that the Valley pays for these things.

We also pay - and will continue to pay for many years to come - for the downtown renovation, the face lift for Los Angeles City Hall, the Belmont fiasco, the subway system that has only two stops in the Valley and many other boondoggles that, even if they were successful, would not benefit the Valley residents at all.

- Sam Speelman

North Hollywood

Enforcing immigration law

Re ``City to fight immigrant push'' (June 4):

How dare Rocky Delgadillo say he will resist the federal government if required to enforce immigration law? Just as I have nothing to fear if I am stopped for a traffic violation and my license is not suspended, immigrants have nothing to fear if they are here legally and are questioned about their status. What's more important: the fears of illegal aliens or the safety of our families and the integrity of our borders?

- Marvin Harris

Toluca Lake

Special Order 40

Re ``City to fight immigrant push'' (June 4):

Rocky Delgadillo should be run out of town. Special Order 40 needs to be totally removed from all police in the state. All illegals from any country should be removed from the United States. And what does Rodney King have to do with illegals? He wasn't one. Only legal entrants should be allowed into this country.

- Dan J. Schlick

North Hills

Blame the leaders

Give Chris Weinkopf a big round of applause for his ``Blame the test'' (Viewpoint, June 2). The Los Angeles Unified School District is run by an inept political machine and a dedicated snake-oil salesman, Roy Romer. In a true political fashion, the board and Romer create myriad imaginary excuses to cover up their ineptness and failures.

Members of this inept LAUSD gang should look into a large magnifying mirror when they seek the source of the LAUSD's constant failures. Many foreign students excel academically without bilingual programs in their native language. These students study hard, and their parents care. Romer's claim that use of English only is a problem is nothing more than political and selfish deception.

- Mort Arditti

Los Angeles

Abusing power

Let me see if I have this right. The CIA did not tell the FBI about two known terrorists in our country. We are supposed to give up more rights because the CIA did not do its job right.

How about making some heads roll at the CIA and other government agencies first - even if it requires electing a new president? Let's intrude on their rights first. Just because the FBI has new powers doesn't mean it will be more effective. Look at the mess J. Edgar Hoover made with more power.

- Terry Riney


Inviting Hamas

It should be obvious to everyone who read the article ``Arafat invites Hamas leaders to join Cabinet'' (June 3) that Yasser Arafat does not want peace but is only looking for a way to have more terror and destruction. He is nothing and nobody to be trusted. We should not be talking with him. He and his terrorists should be replaced by other people.

- Helen Reiter



Again, another ``why they hate us'' letter (Public Forum, May 24):

Isn't it time to give these simplistic interpretations a rest? What will it take to convince people that these attempts to understand and thus tolerate murderous hate are masochistic and ultimately self-defeating?

Power-hungry leaders and suicidal martyrs have intentions that they try to justify with ``reasons.'' Intellectualism does not serve our purpose when dealing with murderous attacks. If it did, then we could say just as easily, ``Why do we hate them?'' After all, we have our reasons, too.

- Barbara Starr

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