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If we truly support the war effort we should be willing to pay for it, not have our children's children (deficit spending) or our elderly (Medicare and Social Security trust funds) pay for it. We should pay for it. This is an expensive war. Our servicemen are paying with their blood. We should pay with our money. Perhaps a 1 percent increase in taxes will cover it. Of course, a tax cut at this time borders on treason.

The other day I bought a book. It cost $20 and came with a $20 mail-in rebate. In other words, it was free. While the book has some value to me, without the rebate I would not have bought it. I hope we are not risking American blood because it's tax-free.

- Richard Alvord

Simi Valley

War budget

Re ``Budgeting for war'' (Editorial, March 26):

The federal government also prints more dollars to finance spending, tax cuts, etc. This cost of dollar inflation is spread out worldwide. I am opposed to this budgeting technique.

- Ernie Jessup

Woodland Hills

Get used to it

In response to Mohammed Daud (Your Opinions, March 27) and others who believe our actions in Iraq are unjustified, I have only one thing to say: 9-11-2001. That attack - mounted by militant Islamic extremists supported by Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, et al. - was worse than Pearl Harbor.

The enemy has defined the rules of this war: there are no innocents, no noncombatants.

I am mystified as to why Iraq was chosen first. My own first choice would have been Saudi Arabia. However, we shall eventually have to deal with all of them. We are at war for the existence of our nation and our culture against a determined, ruthless and evil enemy. Better get used to it, Daud. This war has only just begun, and there are many more deserving targets.

- James F. Glass


Hubris and gall

Let me get this straight: The first contracts for rebuilding post-war Iraq have been awarded to Vice President Dick Cheney's old employer, Halliburton, without any bidding? I guess it's not about weapons of mass destruction, gassing of innocents, 9-11, Osama or cruelty - it's about oil and profits after all.

You'd think the Bush spinmeisters would have the smarts to at least wait a little while. Maybe give a contract to someone else, but right off the bat they show their true colors. So while our troops are dying under the fiercest of attacks yet, while soldiers are being taken prisoner, our administration is already doling out the spoils to the inner circle. What hubris. What gall.

- David Katzner

Woodland Hills

Having the courage

As I listened to Celine Dion sing about a wonderful world, my mind embraced the images of Japanese, German, French and South Koreans who enjoy the freedom afforded by democratic governments and robust economies. The common denominator for freeing these people was the joint effort of the United States and the United Kingdom plus the redevelopment policies of this country.

Had Churchill come into power sooner and had Roosevelt fought off the pacifists and isolationists sooner, hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of souls would have been saved. Thank God we now have the political and military courage to face down a megalomaniac who can supply far more horrific devastation than Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito and Tojo combined.

- Herman Koster

West Hills

Naked greed

For those of us who dared to consider that the Bush administration might have ulterior motives driving their designs on Saddam's assets, there is new confirmation of our fears. Contracts that will benefit American companies during Iraq's reconstruction are already starting to come out of the government. Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton (sound familiar, Cheney fans?), was awarded a contract late Monday to repair oil-field damage.

Though the amount of the contract has not been established, the impropriety and downright nerve of this award should give serious pause to even the most ardent hawk. If one opens their eyes they will see that the emperor is more than naked, he is virtually skinless.

- Steve Ochs

Simi Valley

My constitutional right

Since Chirac of France and his fellow travelers in Hollywood feel it is their right to blare their nonsensical anti-American feelings throughout the media, I feel I must exercise my right as an American to express what I feel about them.

I will use my constitutional right to hit them where it hurts. I intend to boycott all their products. And, to quote a response to a Nazi demand to the U.S. 101st Airborne Division in World War II: ``Nuts.''

- Carole Singer


Like it or leave

I have to agree with the bumper sticker I saw this morning on the freeway: ``No war on Iraq.'' However, I have one stipulation: No war on Iraq after we wipe that country off the face of this Earth. America made a mistake back some 10 years ago - we should have made that country nothing but a large hole in the desert and filled it in with their oil.

If the children and adults of the USA who keep saying ``get out'' and ``peace'' don't like what our leaders do, then I suggest that you move to another country as you sure do not embrace our America.

- Jim Avery Sr.


Bribes and contracts

Coalition of the willing? Between the bribes we're now paying other countries to support our imperialistic pleasure, and the juicy rebuilding contracts waiting for Dick Cheney's Halliburton and the likes, I'd say it's more like a ``Coalition of the Swilling.''

- Robert McKean

Newbury Park

Public confidence

Re ``Market reaction to war'' (Your Opinions, March 26):

Since more than 50 percent of all Americans own stocks directly - in mutual funds or through retirement programs such as 401(k), IRA or Keogh plans - the writer's assertion is absurd. The reason for the decrease in public confidence and consumer purchasing is primarily the loss in retirement accounts since 2000. It's called the ``reverse wealth effect.'' I wish these uninformed liberals would get educated.

- Greg Parks


On life support

Last week the California community college system celebrated the passage of Senate Bill 18X. This bill reduced the midyear funding cuts to state community colleges from the governor's proposed cut of $288 million to $166 million. The bill eliminated funding for instructional equipment ($32 million), the innovative Virtual Campus Project ($2.9 million), telecommunications and technology ($6 million), basic campus facilities maintenance ($32 million), and $90 million more in cuts in basic funding. These funding cuts put the community college system on life support.

The community colleges serve all populations. These cuts undermine the dreams and futures of the basic higher educational needs of the vast majority of higher-education learners in California.

- Thomas Oliver


All that's left

Re ``Not before'' (Your Opinions, March 6):

One of the things our nation is based on is freedom, but James Underdown's worldview (atheism), says that no one is free. Atheists who are consistent with their worldview, such as William Provine, a professor of biological sciences at Cornell University, have said, ``(There is) no life after death; no ultimate foundation for ethics; no ultimate meaning for life; no free will.''

Atheism therefore eliminates the freedom that Underdown is fighting for. In his letter, Underdown shows a dislike of the ``might makes right'' form of morality, labeling the enforcers of this morality as ``thugs.'' But without objective morality, which atheism denies, the might-makes-right morality is the only form of morality left.

- Melissa Diane Munoz

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