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Re ``More subway madness'' (Editorial, Sept. 29):

The Red Line extension down Wilshire Boulevard will be necessary to provide fast-and-sure access to jobs, schools and points of interests, as the popular yet overcrowded Metro Rapid buses on Wilshire show.

Unlike the Valley, Wilshire Boulevard has the density, the destinations, the traffic and the large bus patronage to warrant a hefty investment. Granted, there's still no local money for a subway, and there might not be any for years to come, yet the study in question will determine whether new technology can help build this very important subway in the future. Remember also that it's NIMBYism and not petty politics that is largely responsible for inadequate rapid transit in the Valley.

- Numan B. Parada


Disband EIDC

Re ``Video shoot enrages residents'' (Sept. 28):

The Entertainment Industry Development Corp. needs to be disbanded entirely. They are worse than bulls in a China shop - they are arrogant bullies. I do not, for the life of me, know how Darrel Seiff can stand up and say, ``We don't have to notify neighbors,'' on one hand, while he and the ``gang'' at EIDC have made notification one of their honey pots of money. They demand that everyone getting a permit pays a ridiculous notification fee and then, according to our own experience, they very often never notify.

I, for one, apologize to the good folks of Encino. Those of us who are serious about doing a good job refuse to let atrocities like this happen. This is a good idea run amok and what we are seeing now is the final result of unbridled greed.

- Jean Ferguson

Studio City

Weapons permits

Re ``Gun smoke'' (Editorial, Sept. 30):

The first paragraph of the editorial, ``Crime is up, gangs are regaining control of the city's streets, and the Los Angeles Police Department is in shambles'' states the case for carrying concealed-weapons permits.

The 32 states that are ``shall issue'' states in the country have shown very positive results, in the form of reduced crime, etc.

The city of Los Angeles (or the county of Los Angeles for that matter) should not stand in the way of any law-abiding citizen who wishes to exercise his or her constitutional right to bear arms. They should not stand in the way of the right to self-defense. The ability of law-abiding citizens to defend self and family is more important now than ever.

- George M. Allen


Bush is focused

The comments of Bob DeLuca (``Policy of revenge'' Public Forum, Sept. 26) seem to be geared to rile those of us who believe the president is an intelligent, gifted statesman. Why shouldn't George W. Bush be single-minded in his thrust to oust Saddam Hussein? Iraq and its fundamentalist allies will certainly destroy us first if they can.

I trust we'll see the U.S. Marines in Baghdad, and perhaps like their song says, finally on ``the shores of Tripoli.'' The only thing DeLuca has right is that the president and his administration are concentrating on the war plan to the exclusion of coming up with a solution for our nose-diving economy. We're all much poorer than we were two years ago.

- Marshall Abernathy

Woodland Hills

Gore on Iraq

I think the reason Republicans are going out of their way to attack Al Gore for his speech in San Francisco is because he clearly presented the argument against a war with Iraq. Attacking Iraq would give the Arab world the equivalent of our 9-11. George W. Bush wants the war to bolster his sagging polls and get Republicans elected in November. Al Gore pointed out the dangers of this tactic, and showed he is clearly a better man than Bush.

- Sheridan Keyser

Los Angeles

Seemed inappropriate

A German politician said President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler had used similar tactics. The remark has had international reverberations. As a European who grew up during Hitler's reign, the effect of the word is not lost on me. Ironically, watching Israel's response and treatment of the Palestinians, I have seen in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon the type of mentality that I had attributed to Hitler.

Then, last week President Bush was quoted as declaring, ``America is the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.'' This also seems like something I would expect from Hitler. To feel such sentiment is one thing, to state it in such terms on the international stage seems insulting and elitist. What is going on here?

- William Brady


Bomb the oil wells

I am really confused with the problem with and all the debate about Iraq. It is like a snake: If you cut the head off, the tail will die. Just bomb the oil wells and supply and that nation cannot afford to make any massive weapons. What is the problem: It's hands off the oil wells but we can put our army in harm's way?

Iraq did not hesitate to set all the oil wells on fire when it invaded the small country down south. I have never heard one word that we would consider knocking out this crazy man's source of revenue.

- Frank Jacobs


Can't even say it

I might feel more secure about war with Iraq if our commander in chief could pronounce the word ``nuclear.'' Someone should tell Bush it's ``nu-clear'' not ``nu-cu-lar.''

- Mary A. Brown


Stem cell research

Every American should support former first lady Nancy Reagan's fight to obtain federal financing for embryonic stem cell research. Even those who disagree with a women's right to an abortion can surely see the benefit of using otherwise unwanted embryos to save and prolong lives.

By example, our 29-year-old son needs a kidney transplant. Few people realize they can safely donate a living kidney, and the waiting list for a matching cadaver donor is now up to eight years. Within that time frame, accelerated stem cell research could make it possible for individuals like our son to have a perfect replacement without the long and sometimes fatal wait for a donor. This science has more potential to save and improve lives than any other single medical discovery in history.

- Bill and Loretta Hamburg

Woodland Hills

Hollywood influence

Let's see, if geopolitical wunderkind Rob Reiner is writing Al Gore's speeches and faux-political Barbara Streisand is providing Dick Gephardt with sage advice, then who in Hollywood could possibly have orchestrated the based-on-fiction bombasts of Tom Daschle and Robert Byrd last week? I'm laying blame at the fictional feet of Eddie Haskel and the beloved animated character Foghorn Leghorn.

- Roger Olsen


Stem cell research

Re ``State defies Bush on cell research'' (Sept. 23):

For those searching for cures using embryonic stem cells, my question is what about adult stem cells? The article falsely leads people to believe that it's embryonic stem cells or nothing. Why? How about an article that covers all forms of stem cell research and compares them? That way people can be truly informed.

- Bonnie Pearson


Political move

Our mayor is going to pull a political move by choosing a Latino police chief. We have qualified people in Los Angeles, but, no, we have to go out of town to get help. What better way to get Latino votes than by picking a Latino chief?

- Joe Pinoy Lozano

Mission Hills
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