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In a long past era, a liberal governor began the rollback of power plant construction, both nuclear and fossil. Jerry Brown's efforts were assisted by his then chief of staff, Gray Davis. California now suffers from a marked lack of foresight on the part of all her politicians and we, her people, bear the brunt of the new conservation laws. And Davis governs.

California needs to aggressively pursue the building of power plants. We need to forget the pipe dreams of wind and solar energy as they are insufficient for our increasing needs. We must not destroy our ecology, but without power, without business, our ecology will be solely for the birds.

- Rick Colley


Making it work

Re ``Dim bulbs'' (Editorial, Feb. 5):

Perhaps some businesses can switch their schedules to working a night shift in order to use up the wasted power during the off-peak hours.

I'm sure many of us would benefit from this by having to deal with less traffic and relieving our law enforcement from counting bulbs. Material deliveries to suppliers, rock and sand factories and some construction activities can easily be shifted to night work.

- Mario Leon

Van Nuys

Church and state

Scott Holleran (Viewpoint, Feb. 11) overstates his case and misstates history. While the founders were not, as a rule, born-again Christians, they were religious and thought religion very important to the welfare of the nation. None of the founders doubted the existence of God and none was ``openly hostile'' to religion.

John Adams denied America was a Christian nation, but he also said: ``Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.'' James Madison, author of the Establishment Clause, said what it meant: ``that Congress should not establish a religion, and enforce the legal observation of it by law.'' That's it. The Supreme Court in 1947 created the ``separation principle,'' not the founders.

- Gregg Frazer


Tax cut

Thank you for your Feb. 12 editorial explaining that the president is trying to give us a reduction in the amount we pay in federal tax, not divvying up the kitty of existing funds. A lot of people seem to be expecting a large check - their share of $1.6 trillion. The people who are really cheated on the tax reduction scenario are the senior citizens. It was their taxes which helped to build the surplus and now, on a lower income, their tax reduction will be geared to that lower amount.

Hardly a fair split of the excess taxation dollar. A more equitable split would be to stop Social Security payments being taxed, then maybe the seniors would get their fair share.

- Dennis Richardson


My money

Stanley Niedwicki (``Giving it back,'' Public Forum, Feb. 2) is a good example of the modern liberal. I refer to them as Robbin' Hoods. Hate the rich, punish the successful.

He proposes to take the money pried from me, in the form of taxes, and dole it out to people who didn't pay any taxes in the first place. ``Giving it back'' means returning it to where it came from in the first place. Is that too hard to understand?

- Steve Tesla

West Hills

Not again

I just heard that wonderful Arlen Specter wants to impeach former President Bill Clinton on the grounds that he pardoned the international fugitive, Marc Rich. Haven't we been down this dirty, expensive road before, at the taxpayers' cost?

Why doesn't Specter stick to the new dirty laundry of the current administration under George Dubya? Stop living in the past. Give us all a break, and do your real job, whatever that may be. I guess you just love the media attention. Get with it, Arlen.

- Marie Roberts

Los Angeles

Stupid 911 callers

Finally a safe, sane and simple suggestion to cut or eliminate unjustified 911 call. What Samantha Kimmel suggests, ``fine 'em, Danno,'' will work (Slap stupidity fines on moronic 911 dialers,'' Opinion, Feb 12).

Now let's see what the ``brain surgeons'' or ACLU who run this city will say. Surely they will find one or more politically correct reasons why you can't fine the idiots who jeopardize the safety of all of us.

- Richard D. Rogge

Westlake Village

Never heard of it

As a parent of one Eagle Scout and one on the way, I have been involved in Scouting for the past 14 years. Never have any of our leaders or adult members talked to these boys about discriminating against gay people or any other people. Scouting has taught my boys to respect the ways of other people and to help out in the community when needed.

I believe that what our City Council has done to the Scouting program is a disgrace and many youngsters are going to be affected in the wrong way by the ban on the use of public places.

- Debbie Nevarez

Van Nuys

Just the thought of it

The day after the City Council decided to examine the city's ties with the Scouts, newspaper headlines told a story of rising teen gang violence. Not a single Scout had yet been denied a Scout meeting and already gang violence was up. How ironic. All those gang members merely contemplating the possibility that the City Council was going to restrict their Boy Scout meeting places decided to shoot one another. How ironic.

The issue of gays in the Scouts is not political. It is social and humanitarian. You may give these boys a place to meet after school, but what are they learning in this place to meet. That it is OK to exclude people the group considers unacceptable. Gays? Why not Latinos, Muslims, blacks, Jews, Native Americans? Exclusion is exclusion.

- Gladys Sturman


Mideast peace

Re Ronald O. Richards' ``Sharon and Barak,'' (Public Forum, Feb. 16):

Everything he says flies in the face of fact and truth, a ploy often used by Arafat and his leftist supporters to deny the very existence of the nation of Israel. It is the Jews who have lived continuously in Israel for 3,500 years. Arabs did not come into existence until the 900s A.D.

The term ``Palestinian'' was first used as a symbol of nationality by Arafat and his followers after the Jews finally won back their holy sites throughout Israel. The fact that Arafat and his followers can't face reality is the major stumbling block to peace in that area, a fact that the Western world has learned over the past few months.

- Carole Singer


Biblical history

Re Ira Skutch`s letter (Public Forum, Feb. 12) stating that Jews have lived there (Palestine) continually for 5,000 years:

This contradicts both secular and biblical history. The Jews' residence in Palestine was neither 5,000 years nor continuous. Palestine is a Romanization of Philistia, the home of the Philistines, who were already there when Abraham arrived from Mesopotamia around 1900 BC.

In the ensuing years the children of Abraham left and returned three times. According to the Jewish prophet, Amos, God rescued the Philistines from Crete, just as he rescued the Israelites from Egypt (only sooner).

If there is ever to be peace in the Middle East, the Palestinians' side of the story must be understood.

- Mike North

West Hills
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