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I would like to comment on those letters, all of which suggested that the Markowitzes take responsibility for the death of their son - or some responsibility, since the older son's drug debt was the apparent motive. Their boy was abducted by a gang of young thugs who knew him and held him in various houses until he was killed by the young thugs. The families and friends of some of the thugs knew that the boy was a hostage and did nothing to help him.

After he was killed, I didn't see a single statement of regret or apology for their complicity. I saw an article that stated none of these people would be charged. What piece of that vicious murder do those letter writers think the Markowitz family owns? I don't know whom the Markowitzes are suing, but I could sympathize if it were the entire world.

- Bonnie Blankenship


Another bad idea

Re ``Studio City streets to get tildes'' (Aug. 18):

I don't have a problem at all with Councilman Nick Pacheco's request to add a tilde to street names in Studio City. The cost, however, of $6,801 should be taken out of his salary. This may circumvent any future lame-brain ideas these council people come up with.

Do the streets O'Malley, O'Melveny, etc., in Sun Valley have the apostrophe? Does the street Schoenborn in the Valley require the two dots over the ``o'' so as not to change the German pronunciation of the word? Ridiculous, isn't it?

- John Reilly

Granada Hills


Marion Mandeson in ``Palestinian targets'' (Public Forum, Aug. 15) complains about the world's criticism of Israel for target assassinations. Mandeson could have clarified the Israeli position with the following points: Palestinians are using very crude and out-of-date methods for the targets, whereas Israelis are using the very latest techniques and the state of the art in target assassination.

Israelis have also assassinated one of their prime ministers, one who was inclined toward peace and showed some favor to the Palestinians. Now they have overwhelmingly elected a prime minister who was indicted for Sabra and Shatila war crimes. They honor him for his past performance. The situation is worsening. The question is whether this will make the Palestinians give up intifada. No. Take a lesson from history. Give up the occupied land.

- Mohammed Daud

Canoga Park

Halt aid to Israel

After reading Mona Charen's biased column (Opinion, Aug. 20), it appears there is but one solution to peace in the Middle East. Immediately bring all U.S. aid to Israel to a halt - the $3.5 billion in cash, plus the tanks, Humvees, F-16s, etc., that we give Israel gratis.

Stop all this giveaway that perpetuates the strife in the area, and soon the two factions will be on an equal footing throwing rocks at each other. Let's see if Mona can come up with a more sensible solution to peace.

- Max Ross


Fish or owl?

The firefighters up north have the toughest job in the world. Should they scoop up water to put out the fires? If they do, they put the sucker fish in danger. But if they allow the fire to burn, many spotted owls may be killed.

Either way, they're sure to be sued.

- J.D. Silvester


America's foundation

Re ``Crossing the line'' (Public Forum, Aug. 17):

Ray Shelton seems to be a bit confused about the history of the United States. Shelton claims that by imposing moral standards - what he refers to as ``the superstition of the church'' - on our country, George W. Bush is rejecting the vision of the founders. On the contrary, the Founding Fathers were not out to create the atheistic society that Shelton so desires but, in fact, placed God at the heart of America's foundation. To recall a once well-known phrase: America was intended to be ``one nation under God,'' a place where one could enjoy freedom of religion - not freedom from religion.

- Deborah M. Evans

North Hollywood

I'm old fashioned

I have been reading much lately about using a lot of money, machinery and time to make a baby. In my 95 years, I have enjoyed the pleasure of making several babies who are now healthy people and doing the same thing naturally.

Personally, I think one must be either ill-informed or very unnatural to want to cut out all the fun and delight two persons can have making a baby. Plus, it's so much less expensive naturally.

- Stanley Smith


SUV benefits

Re ``SUVs are testament to vanity and profit'' (Viewpoint, Aug. 5):

If we follow Steve Vlasich's argument to its logical conclusion, we need to get all the long-distance haulers, UPS and Fed Ex vans, fire trucks, ambulances and so on off the road. While he's entitled to his opinion, he overlooks the benefits. My grandkids have been riding in a Suburban for six years or so. It hasn't rolled over once, and they're safe. That's worth a few extra gallons of gas.

I drive a 4Runner and have since the late 1980s. The bed is a convenient height. I'm not straining my back to lift a bag of concrete out of the well of a car trunk. I like that. Of course, there's a down side. People with conventional cars often seem to have an irresistible and hysterical compulsion to get in front of you. Fortunately, I have good brakes.

- Mike Savell

Simi Valley

A little resolve

Once again science has shown us that lifestyle intervention is the safest and most effective weapon against disease. On Aug. 8, The National Institutes of Health released a study concluding that a low-fat diet combined with modest exercise is more effective than the leading anti-diabetes drug Glucophage at helping people lower their risk of developing diabetes.

The studies in the past two decades documenting the health benefits of replacing meat and animal fat in the diet with grains, vegetables and fruits have revealed to us the secret of a long, healthy life. Our supermarkets provide us with a rich variety of raw and processed plant-based foods, including soy-based meat analogs. All we need now is the resolve to remove animal-derived products from our shopping lists.

- Mark Kerber

Woodland Hills

Reasonable atheists

In response to the writer (``Love of reason,'' Public Forum, Aug. 14) who doubts that an atheist would ever be found guilty of a religious hate crime, I am assuming that the actions by ``reasonable'' atheists like Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Pol Pot were acts of love. I am still waiting to find a hospital, leprosarium or disability ministry dedicated to atheism.

- George W. Harris

Agoura Hills

Foe of all sides

Don Brunson (Public Forum, Aug. 14) seems to have missed the point of my Aug. 9 Public Forum letter concerning the fact that the government is giving with one hand and taking back with the other.

That letter was not primarily about right-wing or left-wing viewpoints. It was about the fact that the government is borrowing money to give a rebate advance to some of the people now; yet all of us and our children will have to pay it back in the future. When the government gets out of step with the people, it becomes the foe of every citizen - both those on the right and those on the left.

- Melody Kellis

Woodland Hills
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