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The complaints about President-elect Bush's appointments are unfounded in reality. The opposition to John Ashcroft's appointment because of his stand against abortion is without merit. Claims of more coat-hanger deaths are an ignorant statement.

The facts are that prior to Roe vs. Wade, there were 50 deaths per year due to coat-hanger abortions. The deaths caused by legal abortions were 3,237 last year. People know that legal abortion has many victims, not just the baby.

- Francis Jansen


Prime target

U.S. Sen. John Ashcroft, nominated for attorney general, is apparently the prime target for attack by Democrats. Why? One reason featured by his detractors is that he once said that during the Civil War that Johnny Reb was a patriot. He was. So, also, was the Yankee.

Name any country at war, and, by definition of any dictionary, its soldiers were patriots. Unless they were mercenaries, they were fighting for their homes, their land and their country. What country? Dixie? Why not? Our Minutemen fought for this country that existed only in their minds and their dreams and didn't even have a name. Incidentally, historians know that the war was not fought over slavery.

- Louis Innerarity

Los Angeles

Under Bill Clinton

We were a country that purchased 76 percent of all our own goods and now we are a country that imports 86 percent of the stuff we need to maintain our standard of living. All hail Bill Clinton, the creator of our new standard of living, one who must beg instead of demanding. In just eight years, we have gone from the most powerful nation in the world favored by God, to a nation that must eat crow when other nations threaten.

I am an advocate for allowing people into the United States to become citizens, but under Bill Clinton we in California have 4 million known illegal and only God and the welfare system know how many there truly are.

- Andrew Glover


Power shortage

I guess some people have their head in the clouds. There is a power shortage and we've been asked to cut down on power usage. The Christmas lights are still burning bright on so many houses, some being on all night. Christmas is over - turn the damn lights off and save at least that much energy. I don't understand the type of person who wouldn't do just that little bit to help.

- Dorothy Welch


Trend of greed

I find it rather amazing that in the middle of a power shortage that businesses remain fully lighted through the night. I do realize the need for the interior to be lit as protection from criminals, but 30 years ago the procedure was to leave only the back row of lights on so the police could see movement inside the building.

Even with the small amount of electricity we use, our home bill is $750 per billing period, and they want to increase it 30 percent? That, combined with our property taxes sure to rise, I wonder how long it will take before we reach the ranks of a third-world nation. If this trend of greed continues, illegals will be the only ones wanting to live here.

- Laurien DuTremble


Postal havoc

Why did the U.S. Postal Service change its mailing rates and not inform the public? Half of the population got returned mail in December because the square envelopes suddenly cost 11 cents more to mail. Because of inconsistency, the other half of the square envelopes sailed onto their destinations with only 33-cent stamps.

When one mails dozens of Christmas cards, and half of them are returned for additional postage, suddenly one becomes aware that the Grinch who stole Christmas is alive and well, causing havoc, and hanging out at the U.S. Postal Service.

- Barbara Talbert

Santa Clarita

Subsidized housing

The ``Judging L.A.'s progress'' editorial Sunday rated our city's (lack of) progress in 10 areas, but excluded one of the city's biggest failures. By promoting housing policies that have stifled construction of apartments, the city has caused a severe housing shortage.

Some special interests threaten to take advantage by increasing and diverting $100 million of our tax money annually to fund subsidized and tax exempt apartments. Such imprudent housing policies are wasting resources needed to fund street repairs, education, health services, police, etc. For the April 10 elections we need to elect candidates who will promote prudent housing and fiscal policies.

- Victor N. Viereck

City Council candidate

North Hollywood

Left-wing vitriol

Re ``Choices'' by Zachary A. Charles, (Public Forum, Sunday):

After reading his letter, I took note of the ``choice'' of phrases and words Charles used, i.e., ``would-be ayatollah,'' ``rabid right-wing ideologue'' and ``venom.'' I challenge Charles as to where the venom actually lies. His diatribe demonstrates clearly that it belongs to those at the far left of the political spectrum. The left-wing vitriol never ceases.

- T. Van Alstine

Sherman Oaks

Control animal breeding

I am writing in response to the increase in fees for unneutered dogs from $30 to $100. While I do agree we need to reduce strays and euthanasia in shelters, I don't think this new law will help much because too many people don't license their pets and this will deter those who normally would.

I feel a better solution would be to outlaw illegal breeding. Private parties, who are not licensed, sell hundreds of animals. These people should have to pay a breeding fee or face a large fine. This money could be used to defer the cost of neutering for those who can't afford it. This would also be much easier to enforce, since most advertise in papers.

- Diane Lirhus


Successful census

As one who worked as part of the Census 2000 team, I am gratified that the results were positive. In spite of the hours, some harassment, etc., the statistics reflect a successful effort in California. It was worth the effort.

- Gary Traxler


Dying with dignity

Re Bill Moyer's documentary ``On our own terms'':

A pet that is terminally ill or dying of old age can be humanely, lovingly and legally put to sleep. Laws, however, dictate that terminally ill humans must die with prolonged suffering. These laws are born of ignorance of the unconditional reality of eternal life and the dogmatism of man-made religion.

A dogmatically correct, medically assisted death is either eventual suffocation, while in morphine myopia, or starvation from being denied food and water. The majority of us would not do this to a dog.

- Don M. Johnson


What's the problem?

Someone needs to tell Jackie Goldberg and the rest of the City Council to get a life. I wonder if she has a son. Would she want his troop master talking about his sexual preference, homosexual or not? The Boy Scouts do not ask if you are gay or not. It should not be a topic of discussion at all.

Is the council's job so boring that members have nothing better to do than worry about the Boy Scouts? What about the homeless or gang violence - which will get worse after the Scouts are no longer able to recruit at schools? Maybe they are afraid they are too wimpy to go after the important issues so they have to pick on the little Boy Scouts.

- Teri Wiley


Not an athlete

While I do not disagree with his greatness as a golfer, I take exception to Tiger Woods being named athlete of the year. You do not have to be an athlete to play golf.

- James E. Angelier

West Hills
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