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U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman portrays President Bush as being ``on the side of dirty air and killer water,'' and then promises a spate of new initiatives that he will sponsor as protections for us all (``Bush on side of dirty air, killer water,'' (Opinion, April 20).

Perhaps Sherman should ask himself why his beloved President Clinton enacted last-minute, unilateral environmental regulations before he slithered from office. Sherman's form of hysterical rhetoric represents a disservice to himself and his constituents.

- Jeffrey Shonka

West Hills

Long-term survival

In his letter ``Save the humans'' (April 16, Public Forum), Ron Lincoln suggests that not listening to environmentalists will help humanity. If you were listening to environmentalists, Ron, you would know that they believe that the long-term survival of humanity depends upon a healthy environment. Unfortunately, most people think short-term.

- Alan Pollack

Woodland Hills

Return to sender

Hello, China: You have my airplane. I will refrain from buying your products until my airplane is returned. No apology required. We know what happened.

- Bob Shallenberger

Granada Hills

Orchestrated military

During all of the interviews of the Navy men involved in the Chinese airplane incident, I never once heard the phrase that our firemen and policemen always say after heroic acts: ``I was just doing my job ... I did what I had to do ... I did what anyone else would have done.''

The debriefing they went through by the military was well-orchestrated because I believe if they spoke on their own they would have said, ``I was only doing my job - for my country.''

- Betty Barrett

- North Hollywood

Water on Mars

Re ``We don't care'' by Conrad Hubert (Public Forum, April 16):

After having spent the measly sum of only $297 million on the Mars Odyssey, NASA surely will come up, in time, with the splendid idea of completing the job, if water is found, by running a water shuttle or, better yet, a pipeline to the Mojave Desert.

- Alfred Silverton

Granada Hills

Power money

The Daily News is right to call on both mayoral candidates to demand that Los Angeles residents are protected from California's disastrous energy deregulation (``Show Us the Money,'' Editorial, April 17). Voters should know our records on this issue.

Sacramento politicians created this energy crisis and Angelenos should not be fooled into thinking that Los Angeles is a safe harbor in this crisis. Already, the state has spent billions in tax dollars to bail out the energy companies and to subsidize other energy consumers around the state - that's money that could have been used to fix streets, expand after- school programs, or clean up neighborhoods. Every Californian will be paying for the deregulation fiasco for years to come.

My priority is ensuring that Los Angeles is repaid the hundreds of millions it is owed for power sales. I have repeatedly advised the DWP that our power sales to the state be backed by the full faith and credit of the state or another form of security that would guarantee we would be repaid. My opponent, Antonio Villaraigosa, has said that he is confident that DWP General Manager David Freeman will make sure that the city is repaid. Today, however, Freeman is packing his bags for a new job in Sacramento and we are still owed money.

As city attorney, I am aggressively pursuing and have called on the state's power exchanges to provide information that the city needs to seek repayment of the nearly $200 million we are owed from power sales. This information is crucial because the DWP originally sold power to the PX and ISO - power exchanges who then resold the power to energy companies such as Southern California Edison. Now that the PX and ISO are defunct, the city must seek repayment directly from the energy companies, and the power exchanges have not yet disclosed how much we are owed from each company.

When the PX filed for bankruptcy, I fought to make sure the city was included on the Creditors' Committee, which makes recommendations regarding how quickly and in what order the PX will pay back its creditors. I have directed our attorneys involved in the proceeding to carefully research and assert our rights. I also immediately urged that the city serve on the PG&E bankruptcy Creditors' Committee and will continue fighting to make sure that Los Angeles gets every preference and right that we deserve as a creditor.

The next mayor will need to have experience, leadership and commitment to ensure we are repaid.

- Jim Hahn

San Pedro

(Hahn is a mayoral candidate in the June 5 election, running against former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa)

Arabs and Israel

Jean Glasser seems to think she is speaking for all American Jews in her April 13 Public Forum letter. Well, she doesn't speak for me. In 1948, the survivors of Hitler's annihilation efforts struggled to form tiny Israel. Had the Arabs welcomed the Jews, the Palestinian Arabs could have stayed and prospered. Instead, the Arabs proclaimed there would be a great massacre and they would drive the Jews into the sea.

Arabs have been butchering Israeli men, women and children for years and no Arab leaders condemn it. Most encourage it. It's odd that the world would expect Israel to commit a sort of national suicide by tolerating murderous terrorists. Jews like Glasser are living in a dream world.

- Daniel A. Goodman


Ernie the cat

Now that Ernie ``the cat'' Bush has been found and returned, let's hope that his new owner, Brad Freeman, keeps him indoors all the time. Many pets are lost and abandoned in Los Angeles. They usually end up slowly starving to death or getting hurt and suffer from the injuries.

- Marion Winkler

Sherman Oaks

Park liabilities

Shame on Laura Chick. Why is it that it took you so long to question the liabilities regarding your skateboard park? You don't close the gate after the horses are gone. Again we go to our citizens for money, as usual. Who is paying for security? Who is paying for registration cards?

As I see it, you have created a nightmare. If you would have fixed my bathrooms at Brand Park, you probably would have gotten an attaboy. And shame on the Parks and Recreation Department for letting Laura Chick do this.

- Joe Lazano

Mission Hills

Senior income taxes

My wife and I have as income a small pension, about an equal amount of Social Security benefits and mandated IRA withdrawals. We are in about the same financial situation as many seniors. With an IRA withdrawal of just over $2,000 and a taxable income of $7,350 our tax rate jumps from 15 percent to 22.5 percent; with a withdrawal of over $14,000 it jumps to 27.75 percent; with a withdrawal of over $24,000, it goes to a whopping 51.75 percent. This last outrage is where everyone else's tax rate jumps from 15 percent to 28 percent. We're not rich by any stretch of the imagination so it's not ``the millionaires paying their dues.''

Whether IRA withdrawals are mandated by law, required by medical emergency or merely desired for an ocean cruise, the outrage is the same. Seniors, unite and contact your congressmen if you feel this is unfair.

- Lloyd J. Graham

Newbury Park

School shootings

My background is 45 years' experience in teaching English and counseling students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Why do we have shootings in the schools? The latchkey kids hate to go home each day because when they get there, there is no one there. They can't share their day. It's these latchkey kids who join gangs and the gang becomes their new family.

Too many moms go back to work too soon after they have their children. A nursery school can't replace a mom. Our jails are overcrowded. The government must subsidize drug rehab centers so that they are affordable to all. We spend 12 years to prepare for a career and zero hours on preparation for marriage and how to bring up a family. All students with serious mental disorders or abnormal tendencies must have a file at each school that teachers can look at.

- Ed Rasky

West Hills
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