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Re ``Tax to help trauma system backed'' (July 26):

I do not like to vote to raise taxes, but I would have to vote for this proposal. In April of 1993, I was involved in a major auto accident and sustained injuries that I was told by doctors 97 percent of victims die from. Because of very timely assistance from paramedics from Station 100 in Reseda and of the fantastic medical staff at the trauma center at Northridge Hospital, I survived.

I will always say that without the trauma center staff, I would be dead today. I cannot say enough how much we need trauma centers. That is why I will vote for this tax increase. At anytime it could be you or one of your loved ones who will need the service.

- Robert D. Hartzfeld

Van Nuys

Losing our rights

Thank you for alerting pet owners that we are in danger of losing our right to own animals in the city of L.A. I can't believe the audacity of a city department reducing us to pet ``guardians'' without the city attorney's opinion or public consent. Why weren't we given legal notification that this was being considered? Who gave a citizen commission and an animal control department the right to usurp our property rights, anyway?

This radical and frivolous experiment could prove very dangerous to animals and will most assuredly result in major legal challenges. I applaud Councilman Dennis Zine's efforts to protect public interest. I hope the City Council and the mayor follow his lead; however, I think Valley secession just gained my vote and a new resident, along with my pets.

- Denise A. Justin

Los Angeles

Good service

My story in some ways refutes your editorial regarding the bureaucratic mess at City Hall. The Department of Water and Power informed me I had a serious water leak, after my monthly bill showed there was a leakage somewhere. I had to replace the mainline piping from the street to the house. In a letter to the DWP, I requested some sort of rebate for the high water bill.

They responded by allowing me a partial credit to offset the cost of the repair. On July 4, I discovered that the mainline to the new piping was leaking. They sent out workmen the same day to solve the problem. In a week they replaced the pipe and the meter. Can you call that bureaucratic failure?

- Earl D. Howitz

North Hills

In a hand basket

I see where they recently made a new movie about the 405 freeway coming into Los Angeles called ``The Road to Perdition'' - directed by the politician chameleon Gray Davis and starring Mayor James Hahn. Isn't Los Angeles lucky?

- Marvin L. Snyder

Studio City

Quick and good work

Congratulations to the Orange County Sheriff's Department for keeping their word. With their persistence a suspected child molester and murderer is off the streets. The DNA evidence they gathered should assure a guilty verdict and a death sentence as soon as possible. His existence on this Earth should end quickly. Please, no plea bargaining.

- Anthony Gigerian

Los Angeles

Democrats and secession

How nice of Larry Levine to retract his NIMBY comment about the neighbors surrounding the Van Nuys airport (Public Forum, July 24). I think he should now consider retracting his threats of nonsupport from Democratic Party/San Fernando Valley to the Democrats in the Valley who dare to support the secession movement.

I think it is shameful there are thousands of Democrats who are being pushed into the closet - not able to express their views on the subject of Valley cityhood because they don't want to go against their party, even though this is a nonpartisan issue.

- Kim Thompson

Granada Hills

Higher taxes, deficit

For so long now the Bush administration and their friends in Congress have been telling us Americans to sacrifice for the war effort. That sacrifice is higher taxes and now a deficit.

Now the dark side of corporations is being known and through fraud and manipulation of accounting and offshore tax loopholes, middle class America is paying the price that the wealthy aren't. Just as former President Bush's friend, Ronald Reagan, once said, George W. Bush should say: ``Corporations, tear down your offshore tax shelters.''

- Martin Schiechl

West Hills

Buying bigger

Re ``Need the SUVs'' (Public Forum, July 24):

Seems this reader had the audacity to justify a V-8 behemoth with 5-ton towing capacity because a need to carry a stroller and other assorted toddler items. How did this person's mother ever survive without the ability to transport the weight equivalent of a V-6 sedan?

So it's come to this: We're starting to take marketing mantras as life philosophies. It's sad if you think about it - so don't, just go out and buy bigger SUVs so you can drive away from your pervasive reality of selfishness.

- Roderic Kavanagh

Sherman Oaks

Extending the subway

I concur with David Glicksberg's July 24 Public Forum letter in which he contends a subway should be extended across Ventura Boulevard. This idea could also be said of Wilshire to Westwood or Santa Monica where the train only extends to Western.

But of course, we can't expect that to happen because someone downtown has all the power and they would rather allocate the funds toward fighting secession - and potholes - rather than ride a bus everyday and empathize with the (transit) passenger.

- Brian Goldenfeld

Woodland Hills

Much obliged

Leonard C. Snebold in his July 25 Public Forum letter, ``Moral Authority'' asks, ``where does the United States get the moral authority to condemn Israel for the collateral damage that Israel inflicted in its fight against terrorists?'' The answer is simple, it's wrapped in the $10 million that the U.S. gives Israel every day.

- Philip Wilt

Van Nuys

Our country, too

Re Public Forum letters from Carole Singer (July 22) and Brian Elfand (July 21) about Salam Al-Marayati's July 15 Opinion article. I cannot help wonder how come they do not issue a condemnation of the terrorism committed by the Jewish Defense League and the murder of the Egyptian store owner.

They seem to be saying when a Muslim commits an act of violence it's always terrorism; however when someone of a different faith does a similar action it's simply a crime. That's the double standard that Al-Marayati is commenting about. Let no one hold a bigoted opinion about American Muslims' commitment to the security of this country. This is our country as much as anyone else's.

- Omar Haroon

Santa Monica

Still rings true

William O. Felsman's July 25 Public Forum letter placing blame on gun control for the LAX shooting begs for a response. Felsman is obviously suggesting that we should all walk around packin'. What a nightmare scenario in our tense, packed-in, diverse society.

My father, U.S. Army 1939 to 1967, would not have a gun in the house, and he summed it up this way: ``Guns are tools, and their purpose is death. Give them to law enforcement, certain hunters and our well-regulated militia, the U.S. military.'' Forty years later his words still ring true.

- Chuck Heinold

West Hills

Population drop

The population estimates for Europe, from their own census bureaus, is that Russia and Italy will cease to exist as nations within 50 years - because their populations are collapsing. We have an enormous problem facing us as the ``Western World'' slowly disintegrates. The U.S. is the exception, because our population will grow from 285 million this year, to about 360 million, thanks to our process of attracting immigrants and helping them become citizens. Europe faces roughly the opposite.

And, contrary to popular belief, the developing world is going through a similar process. They aren't having enough children, in many countries, to sustain them as nations. If you think I am making this up, go to the Web site of the United Nations. Even they are alarmed, and they are hardly a bastion of conservatism.

- Greg Parks

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