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Let's see. The city ``needs'' to cut the meals-for-seniors program in order to save $158,000 per year. At the same time, the city ``needs'' to pay Cody Cluff $300,000 to go away. If this joker is still collecting city money, he ``needs'' to keep doing city work.

So I say, let's start the ``Cody on Wheels'' program. Let Little King Cluff deliver meals to seniors for two years. Then we'll call it even.

- Brian Wilson


L.A.'s budget

The Los Angeles city budget would be a lot easier to fix if the mayor would insist on everyone running the city (not working for the city) taking a pay cut.

All of us who are making less than $30,000 a year and just existing would not mind so much when a new tax is imposed. I at least would not feel so hostile against the money grubbers if this would take place as soon as possible.

- Andrew Glover


What the heck

Compare the Daily News' Dec. 29 story ``Learn to drive,'' and the Jan. 1 article ``405 lane done soon.'' Isn't it interesting that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Caltrans, etc., want to teach motorists how to drive their cars while they still do not know how to build freeways?

But what the heck, let's give them another pay raise for telling us what we already know how to do and for them doing what they do not know how to do. Isn't that how government works so that it doesn't work?

- Robert L. Rosebrock


Tell us the truth

I have not criticized the Bush administration lately because of the Iraqi situation, but now because of our leaders' saber rattling about the three axis of evil, we have North Korea giving us problems. Our leaders should know never to let our enemies know what we are thinking and (on the other hand) let us citizens know the truth about our energy policies without keeping secrets from us.

- Martin Schiechl

Woodland Hills

About empire

So the country that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki can't find any evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Contrast this to most modern machine shops in Los Angeles. If you were to send U.N. inspectors to find evidence of manufacture of weapons of mass destruction in Los Angeles, almost every shop would be guilty. From cruise missile parts to nuclear guidance systems to every kind of high-precision nuclear device, Los Angeles job shops and weapons plants are filled with these high-tech parts.

Yet we are ready to wage war on a country because they might have something somewhere. What kind of evil country are we becoming? Americans should be clear that this is a war about expanding American empire, not stopping weapons of mass destruction.

- Charles Wilken


Derailed trolley

I'm a middle-of-the-road Republican, so it is easy for me to disavow myself from the growing craziness of radio commentator Rush Limbaugh - the self-proclaimed spokesman of the Republican Party. His rantings and accusations of late, often with questionable facts, have become very objectionable to all moderates.

Limbaugh's radio program can be avoided, but he's also interjecting recorded blurbs into other programs at his radio network. These are directed venomously at those of us concerned with the increasing danger arising from Earth's human-population explosion. Not only are we screamed at as ``environmentalist wackos,'' but then he makes an astonishing claim: ``The entire population of the Earth could be comfortably settled in the state of Texas in a 1,500-square-foot home per family.'' Obviously the Limbaugh Trolley has jumped off the track and his voice is no longer credible.

- Duane Guernsey

North Hollywood

Right to privacy

Where do people like Graydon Wayne come from (Your Opinions, Dec. 24)?

Henry Kissinger was not an architect of the Vietnam War. It was started by the likes of JFK, LBJ, Dean Rusk and Robert MacNamara. Kissinger was involved in the long negotiations to end the war.

As for Kissinger's resigning from the Sept. 11 commission: It seems to me that when someone hires a doctor, a lawyer or anyone else to help with his affairs, that person has an implicit right to privacy. The fact that Kissinger would rather give up the commission than violate his clients' rights points to his inherent integrity, not to any lack of ethics!

- John Weaver


Rude factors

Re ``Being hip'' by Bill Beaver (Your Opinions, Dec. 30):

While it is true that the aged Dr. Benjamin Spock apologized for his shortsightedness, I don't think anyone can really say that he is responsible for all of the adults who are either raising children who are rude or lack manners themselves.

There are a number of reasons as to why adults are rude, lack interpersonal skills, etc. One needs to add genetics, environment and lack of parenting skills, to name a few, into the mix as well.

- Eden Rosen


Rooted in the past

Re Deborah Wunderle's ``root of all evil'' letter (Your Opinions, Jan. 1):

She's right, it's the megabucks that are at the bottom of Old Glory's problems. Pico Canyon in Stevenson Ranch has a historical past. Lying at the end, several miles beyond the disputed oak, is Mentryville, an early mining compound of several old buildings, a ranch house, church and barn. Local volunteers and pride-filled citizens have been working to restore these treasures with funds raised by yearly opening the gates to the public to celebrate ``Mentryville Days.''

The highway around Old Glory will be heavily traveled, if developers have their way, and the gateway to the disputed Newhall Ranch development of 2,600 homes.

- Barbara Mark


Ring hollow

Re ``Root of all evil'' (Your Opinions, Jan. 1):

Money is not at the root of the issues surrounding the relocation of the Pico Canyon oak. It is the combination of the folks who already live there, who are being born there, and who will want to move there, who are at the root of the need for construction of homes.

It appears that Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich is doing what the people entrusted him to do - think and, foremost, act regarding the needs of the people. To those who are perched aloft, consider sitting with a child at a children's hospital, and not in a tree. The disingenuous claims and chants protesting moving the oak ring hollow.

- Nate Brogin and Wendy Brogin

Sherman Oaks

According to scripture

In her Jan. 1 Your Opinions letter, ``Root of all evil,'' Deborah Wunderle attempts to use the Scriptures to make her point. She says ``... Scripture says money is the root of all evil.'' By Scripture, I assume she is referring to the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that money is the root of all evil. This is a very common misquote.

If one reads 1 Timothy 6:10, he will see that it says ``The love of money is the root of all evil.'' Therefore, money itself, is not condemned by Scripture. Only a common human weakness regarding money is mentioned.

- Jay Eshbach


Reorganize December

December is too long. A whole week between Christmas and New Year's, and nothing gets done. They should make the month of December 27 days long and get the holidays over with a bit sooner, so we can all get back to the normal routines.

And put the extra days back in June and July, when we can enjoy them.

- Mike Kirwan

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