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Re ``101 may get HOV lanes or 2nd deck'' (July 17):

The planning folks ignore the most sensible and most accessible option for rapid transit: extending the Red Line subway from Universal City under Ventura Boulevard, westward across the Valley. Yes, it is the most time-consuming to build and the most expensive. But it provides the most benefit, as such a subway will go where people want to go - to the office buildings, businesses and shopping areas on or near the boulevard. And very little land will need to be taken for subway construction.

From about Wilbur Avenue in Tarzana to Valley Circle Boulevard at the west end of the Valley, the 101 Freeway and Ventura Boulevard are only about a city block apart, so the rail line could travel beneath either one or in the center median or elevated over the 101, as in one option presented in the article.

- David S. Glicksberg

West Hills

On my back

Re ``Traffic 101'' (July 17):

Like Frankenstein, radical 101 traffic solutions have been resurrected, and they now include a ``bold plan'' of elevated car-pool lanes and commuter trains. The Daily News is worried about NIMBYism getting in the way of progress. Well, in my case, the 101 is in my back yard. My house is the second one away from the freeway, and if these elevated solutions are built, my property value will decline. Plus, if the state decides to confiscate my house and only offers $100,000 in payment, I don't have the funds to fight that decision in court if I feel that market value is higher.

My house is my family's only major economic asset. Being a working-class household, we live month to month. So why must I - and no doubt others - bear the burden of having a ``brighter future for all'' built on my back?

- Isaac Martin

Sherman Oaks

Getting permission

Why does the Valley have to have permission from the rest of Los Angeles if we want to have self-determination? That is a bunch of junk. When the South seceded from the rest of the country, Southerners didn't ask if they could and then have a vote on it. They just did it.

Where in the Constitution does it say that you have to have outside parties determine if you can have self-determination? If the Valley does secede, why do we have to pay others any kind of monetary rewards? Let them trim their budget to allow for the shortfall. Last but not least: All these folks on the other side of the hill and those living elsewhere don't want us to leave because they will have a bigger tax bill.

- B.E. Beiner

Granada Hills

A new midnight ride

``The mayor and the governor are coming. The City Council and the congressmen are coming. Even Magic Johnson is after us.'' That's what our Paul Revere needs to be yelling as he rides through the Valley, warning us not of the British but our fellow Americans. Think, if the early Americans had lacked the stamina, the spine and the courage to break off from England, America would still be a colony, just as the San Fernando Valley is unfairly taxed and is no more than a colony today.

Be brave, my fellow 21st-century Americans. Do not give in to the scare tactics of those who hold our lives in their hands. Think of the punishment they will give us if we lose this battle and have to remain under their rule.

- Paul Vaughn

Van Nuys

Larry Levine responds

Re ``Levine's NIMBYs'' (Editorial, July 22):

I want to take this opportunity to offer an apology to those sincere Valley residents who are concerned about the compatibility of the Van Nuys Airport and the surrounding community.

My use of the acronym ``NIMBY'' to describe their efforts was improper. It does not accurately characterize the motives of those who are genuinely concerned about the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Nor does it express my true feelings about those who are willing to become involved in community affairs.

All I can say, by way of explanation, is that I fell into a lazy linguistic trap. I used an inarticulate and derisive term that was intended as shorthand. I should not have done so and will strive in the future to be more precise.

- Larry Levine

Van Nuys

A new day

``Todo no esta bien'' - or ``Not all is well.'' As Latino voters become informed on their rights and the abuses of those rights, the slick, Spanish- speaking, activist/political hack will find a new day has come. No longer will ``manana'' or empty promises ensure a block vote from La Raza.

Failing schools, closed clinics, unemployment, lack of opportunity and crime are the legacy of the ``well-known'' Latino politicians. It is time for someone with enough vision to see beyond the victim mentality that has kept Latinos isolated and out of the mainstream and caused them to settle for less.

- David R. Hernandez

Valley Village

Water run-off

Regarding the Deerlake Ranch project: It is outrageous that, in today's environmentally conscious society, city and county officials have determined that it is not necessary for Presidio, the large Northern California land developer, to properly route water runoff from a huge new development into local natural creek beds.

It is unthinkable that city and county officials have determined that the negative effect on local wildlife and plant life - caused by runoff water contaminated with oil, gasoline, tire rubber, general trash washed into gutters and myriad other contaminates - need not be properly mitigated by the developer. On the other hand, the developer gets the opportunity to significantly increase profits.

- Patrick Weir


Bad planning

Re ``White House blocks funds for family-planning program'' (July 23):

Overpopulation is the overriding danger facing the world and the USA. Overpopulation promotes disease, famine, death, war (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), poverty, etc. Thus it is vital to our future that people have access to family-planning information.

The Bush administration, citing alleged abuses in China, now plans to renege on the U.S. contribution of $34 million for a United Nations family-planning program, despite the U.S. State Department's finding that the charges are unsupported. The denial of funds should incense everyone who has compassion for impoverished people or concern for the future of our children and grandchildren.

- Lloyd Dent

Studio City

Gouging prisoners

Regarding the MCI bankruptcy: These are the people who charged California prisoners some $3 a minute to make collect calls. I hope some of them have to go to prison and call their family collect.

- Terry Faber


Need the SUVs

I wanted to comment on the woman who wrote in and made a stink about sport utility vehicles. ``Excessive consumerism?'' Well, so are shoes, lady. We buy these SUVs because some of us carry strollers and other various things we need to tote around for our youngsters.

As for the environment: Well, maybe you need to write a letter to every trucking company that, mind you, provides the stores you shop at with merchandise, and tell them the same thing. It's the small car she owns that I am protecting my family and me from being creamed by when she cuts me off so rudely in a fit of rage.

- Jamie Warr


Small favors

Regarding your July 3 article about the gymnasium and pool reopening at the Sepulveda Veterans Administration facility: Oh boy. I am so thrilled that we will soon have a gymnasium, pool and small golf course at the Sepulveda V.A. - but no hospital, no urgent care, no emergency care and cutbacks in outpatient care. I am overcome with joy.

- Robert Greer Jr.

North Hills

Not with a bang

I have an unfortunate feeling that America's various enemies - terrorists - might as well get their beach chairs out and fix a cool drink. America is imploding.

- Doreen Soloman

Woodland Hills
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