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Re ``Canoga High protest turns into looting'' (March 6):

I was sickened by the photographs of Canoga Park High School students marching for ``peace,'' then looting a local business, smiling all the way. These little darlings are nothing more than thugs who do irreparable damage to the very principles they ditch school to espouse.

Are there any parents out there who have the backbone to punish these little miscreants for their misdeeds and make things right with the victim? Is anybody asking why they are out of school when they should be learning respect for the rights of others? Their actions speak much louder than their words.

- Donald E. Hanson Jr.


Not a laughing matter

Re ``Canoga High protest turns into looting'' (March 6):

The picture and story on the front page Thursday disgusted me. I am a graduate of Canoga Park High School 1972, and I was shocked to see what these kids, who were supposed to be peacefully marching, had the gall to do.

I hope their parents see their laughing faces in the front page picture ... and that they take some action to wipe those smiles off. This is not a laughing matter. Looting? What were they thinking about? Certainly not peace.

- Patti Mathews

Shadow Hills

Both sides

Teachers that are teaching on my or any American's tax dollars need to stop using the platform my tax dollars gave them to spout rhetoric against or for the war. Much like any real journalist, you must present both sides and let the students come to their own conclusions. The teachers should just say, it is not important what I think of the war. What is important is how you feel as a student about it, based on my providing both sides of the argument equally.

- Craig S. Hawley


Upside down

I am disturbed and saddened by the misdirected actions of those around the world who participate in anti-war demonstrations and ridicule our president. Why aren't protesters using the same time and energy to demonstrate against the Iraqi regime instead of trying to make the United States look evil?

Hussein created this situation by noncompliance with U.N. resolutions. Of course, citizens should want to avoid war, but protests should be aimed loudly and clearly to Iraq and Saddam, not the United States and President Bush. Anti-war protesters have it all upside down, and it is sad to see.

- Catherine Coppolino


Vote turnout

Is anybody else appalled at the 13 percent voter turnout for Tuesday's elections? Additionally, the 87 percent that did not vote only represent ``registered voters.'' So, less than 5 percent of those who can vote, exercised their legal right and moral responsibility as a citizen in this city to select our leaders.

We as citizens need to worry more about getting to the polls, rather than getting to the media. Words and spin are hollow - please vote.

- Tom Schmid

Toluca Lake

Confusing gas prices

I am really confused about the increased gasoline price. How can a gas station that has purchased a full load of gas and then that evening read where the gas overseas has increased so the next day he gets out his trusty pole and increases his gas price? The price of gasoline looks like the stock market, except in our case the fuel cost increases to whatever the traffic will bear.

Where there are three or four stations on an intersection, all the gas prices are the same, but when you drive down the street these same type of gas station is maybe 10 or 20 cents cheaper. I do not like government control, but this is a case where it would be wise for the government to control the prices, for this has a direct bearing on inflation.

- Frank Jacobs


Double taxation

Re ``Tax cuts needed badly'' (Their Opinions, March 4):

Martin Regalia promotes the president's ``stimulus package'' with a plaintive plea for fairness and shows concern for elderly retirees who have to pay taxes on dividends after the corporation has paid taxes on the same income - double taxation.

If Regalia was really concerned about retirees, he would lobby for the elimination of the double taxation of our Social Security system. There is an income tax when we make a payment into the fund and then an income tax when we receive a check upon retirement. If Regalia will ask for elimination of all double taxation, I will join him; until then, his stock dividend can be treated the same as my Social Security check.

- Norwood Price


Weed control

I read Mike Savell's comparison of businesses to ``flowers and trees'' in need of nurture via fewer taxes and regulations (Your Opinion, Feb. 4). I think he's right as far as he goes, but he left out the other side of the story.

History teaches us that there are many weeds and overgrowing, smothering vines, which must be cultivated out, or controlled as best as you can. Don't try to say the regulations and taxes are the weeds. The weeds are the Enrons of the world. Left in a deregulated business garden, it overgrew the beautiful roses and cedar trees. That's what ruined that particular garden.

- Arnie Moore

Sherman Oaks

Using the situation

Some anti-war protesters seem to be using the situation with Iraq to attack the administration and America. They claim they are not defending Saddam Hussein, yet he finds their efforts very helpful. They claim to support the troops while actively working to defeat their mission. They employ slogans such as ``unilateral'' when in reality 16 NATO nations, many Muslim countries and a majority of the European Union are lined up with the U.S.; ``blood for oil,'' when Venezuela is far more important to us as an oil source.

They have forgotten about 9-11 and insist there is no connection between Iraq and al-Qaida. They ignore Saddam's history of mass murder and torture, saying he would never give liters of anthrax or smallpox to terrorists. How can they know this? They don't say.

- Stewart Deats

Woodland Hills

Lest we forget

Re Max Ross' Your Opinion March 4 letter suggesting that we should not forget France's contributions to the American Revolution or their gift of the Statue of Liberty: Perhaps the French - and Ross - should not forget the deaths of thousands of Americans shed in part for the liberty of France in World War I or the thousands of American graves on the fields of Normandy in World War II. Lest we forget?

- Richard Bilek

Thousand Oaks

Costly alternatives

Re ``What fuel cells?'' (Your Opinion, March 4):

Well-intentioned letter writers who refer to the ``limitless'' energy available from hydrogen (whether for fuel cells, Billings converters - remember them? - or cold/hot fusion) ignore the expense in energy and money of extracting hydrogen and deuterium. Want to be hostages of the ``Proton Lobby?'' Give it time. It can happen. Solar-electric for me.

- Boyd Britton

North Hollywood

Don't blame George

Speaking of ``Blind and oblivious'' (Your Opinion, March 5), in his letter Lloyd Fradkin castigates George Bush for somehow making his tax return smaller. Fradkin, listen carefully: Your tax return was smaller because less of your money was taken away from you. Duh. If you want to voluntarily give the government more of your money, interest-free, to hold for you, then please, be my guest, but don't blame George Bush.

- Larry Wassel

West Hills
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