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I live in west Van Nuys near the Sepulveda Recreation Center. I heard of the radio while driving to work that there are over 200 species of birds in the Sepulveda Basin. This included a pair of golden eagles. I thought how neat.

One weekend while I was working in the back yard I happened to notice, to my amazement, an eagle building a nest in the pine tree across the street from my house. I ran into the house, grabbed my binoculars and ran back into the yard for my first close-up, real-life view of an eagle. He or she was gorgeous and handsome and regal all at the same time.

Later I checked my bird book to authenticate that this was indeed a golden eagle. The female is larger than the male. Sometimes they hunt together, sometimes alone. They hunt rodents, hares, snakes. This I have witnessed.

At some point I realized that the female had laid an egg or eggs. The mother eagle would stay in the nest while the father would hunt. After about one month the egg hatched, but we couldn't see it so we didn't know that there was a little baby eagle in the nest.

Other birds would harass the eagle. Mockingbirds at first, and then the scrub jays took over. They are relentless in their harassment of the eagles. The crows do their share of dive bombing the nest and try to chase the eagle out so that they may share in the eagle's food.

Now the baby eagle is large enough to stick it's tennis-ball-size head up out of the nest and look around at everything with it's cartoon-looking face.

The mother eagle is teaching the young eagle how to fly. The adult leaves the nest, flies around in a loop and returns to nest. The young eagle stays in the nest and flaps her wings, getting ready for the day that she will also soar as an eagle.

- Jerry Linder

Van Nuys

Illegal immigrants

I was disgusted and shocked when I read ``Mexico using the United States to solve its problems'' (Public Forum, May 8) by Richard and Socorro Warren. They said that Mexico should solve its problems at home, and if the illegal aliens come here, Mexico should not complain on how the United States addresses the problem.

I say to Richard and Socorro Warren that they should stop complaining.

They forget that we are the ones busting our behinds under the hot sun so they could have breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack.

I wonder what would happen to the U.S. economy if no illegal aliens showed up to work in the fields of all 50 states. This is what Gov. Pete Wilson wants too, doesn't he?

- Art Suarez


The May 10 article in the Daily News, ``Mexican national files suit,'' caught my eye. I knew it wouldn't take long once MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) and the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) got into it, and it happened.

Enrique Funes Flores causes havoc on our freeways, gets caught and absorbs a beating. He states, ``I trust and pray that justice will be done for all persons involved in this case.''

In reality what he is saying is that all of his companions should get a couple of million apiece, go back to Mexico for a life of luxury while we sucker taxpayers to pick up the tab.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to all the police departments that are hampered from doing their jobs by people running around with camcorders just waiting for the police to rough up even the worst of the sociopathic ``garbage'' that is out there.

There is not ``nice'' way to stop this massive influx of illegals from entering our country. If that is what you expect, then tear down the walls and fences and let the hordes in.

You can't have it both ways. Crime has to be handled with force if it is to be effective. To mollycoddle criminals is to mock our system of justice.

- Jack Goodman

Simi Valley

I don't understand. The illegal aliens who were beaten when stopped by Riverside County sheriff's deputies are suing the Sheriffs Department because their civil rights were violated. They say that the penalty for illegally entering the United States is deportation, not being beaten. They're allowed to pick their offense?

The last time I heard about people engaged in illegal activities of any kind, it was to the effect that everyone involved shared in the guilt if they knew that what they were doing was illegal at the outset.

The driver of a car involved in a stickup is as guilty as the robber if he knows that there is going to be a crime committed. Aren't these illegals as guilty as all others involved in the incident? They can't pick their offense.

It's time to stop this baloney. If the deputies did wrong, so be it, they'll have to take their medicine. But under no circumstances should the criminals who precipitated this event also be allowed to profit from it.

- Dan Zekoll


Presidential politics

It will be interesting to see if Bob Dole really gets out into the country or whether he's just going to fly from one cookie-cutter hotel to another where he'll be met by the usual cookie-cutter GOP kiss-ups and job seekers.

Hopefully, citizen Dole will find the common touch and get his batteries recharged. They've surely been drained after all those years in Cesspool, D.C. It'll also be interesting to see if Dole can follow up this bold move with other bold moves.

- H. Millard

Costa Mesa

Bill Clinton promises everything to everybody. Bob Dole has no ideas on anything. So in this campaign it's back to basics: all or nothing at all. Finally, a simple choice to get out the vote.Clinton's theme: true lies. Dole's theme: mission impossible.

- Kenneth A. Eaton

North Hills

Burbank Airport praised

Thank God for Burbank Airport. I have lived in the shadow of Lockheed Airport, now Burbank Airport, for nearly 50 years. It had been in the same location long before I decided to buy a home here and no one had to twist my arm to locate here. I never had any objection to the noise problems. If those who complain were aware of objectionable flight noise, they could have located elsewhere.

- Edward G. Gillen

North Hollywood

Looking for superman?

Your recent article on the Los Angeles Community College District's expectations for its soon-to-be selected new chancellor was tinged with sardonic humor.

The outgoing leader, Neil Yoneji, was no newcomer to the district. He spent all but a few years of his career with the district in a variety of fiscal positions, culminating in vice chancellor for business services. He even was acting chancellor before being named chancellor. If the district erred in selecting someone whose work they knew so well, what kind of superman are they looking for now?

The previous chancellor, Donald Phelps, left after a five-year hitch, citing unsolvable problems in the district.

The trustee who cast the deciding vote in the decision to can Yoneji, Gloria Romero, had only been with the district two months at the time. This was an ``informed'' decision?

- Rick Rofman

Van Nuys

Gas tax is the issue

I would like to answer Henry A. Sisco's remarks in the Public Forum on May 11, ``Price hike, not the tax, is the issue.''

The issue is not the price hike but taxes, all taxes. If you don't mind giving 4.3 cents a gallon to President Clinton that's fine. But don't use this argument to defend slick Willy, who increased taxes just to support his pet welfare programs.

I, for one, am fed up with our tax structure. We Americans are paying too many taxes now, with federal income taxes, state income taxes, real estate taxes, FICA taxes, sales taxes, sewer taxes, telephone taxes, personal property taxes, inheritance taxes, cigarette taxes, alcohol taxes, etc. If I can reduce my taxes in any way, no matter how few pennies it saves me, I'll take it. The 4.3 cents is a start.

Corporate greed is definitely an issue and I have to agree with Sisco on that matter. The only way that I can see to counter them is to stop them from moving their factories overseas and other countries where they can obtain cheaper labor.

The solution is to have a fair but equal trade agreement with all countries. This may not stop them from moving, but it will slow them down when they realize their profits aren't as large as they once were and they still have to deal with a corrupt and uncontrolled foreign government.

Corporate merging and downsizing by laying off people to increase profit margins is another problem that the government has to control. It's out of hand.

- Joseph F. Panicello

North Hills

`Why the big deal?'

Why are the news media and politicians and others getting on Los Angeles Police Chief Willie Williams' back for accepting free lodging in Las Vegas?

I know a lot of people who receive free lodgings, and they are ordinary citizens. Vegas gets it back tenfold at the gaming tables. Everyone knows this, so why the big deal? There must be some other reasons.

If he were the chief of police of Las Vegas, there would be cause for concern, but what could he possibly do for casinos in Vegas? Absolutely nothing.

- William T. Costello

Apple Valley



Photo: Watchful eyes: Children look for wild birds in the S epulveda Basin.

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