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Have you ever tried to deal with a bank that has debited your account and won't admit it's their fault? Or you have been in an auto accident and the other party admits liability, but the insurance carrier screws you around in getting your car fixed, seeing you get a car rental and picking up all the expenses?

Then there are the HMOs who think they know more than your doctor. They (HMOs) feel it's not right when your doctor hands you a prescription and you take it to the drugstore to be filled, only to find out it's non-formulated - which really means the HMO doesn't want to pay for your prescription.

I have. It's been two weeks of pure hell, and what are our wonderful representatives in Washington doing for us about what goes on with HMOs, banks and big insurance companies? The answer: not a damn thing.

- Benjamin R. Laufer

Sherman Oaks

Treatment of veterans

Many vets receive Medicare and the Veterans Administration is cutting costs everywhere - our gym is closed, there is no after-hours urgent care, there is talk of reducing the number of physicians due to a shortage of funds.

Why can't vets allocate their Medicare premiums to the VA in return for medical treatment? A former White House administrator told me no system was in place to transfer funds. How absurd.

I have had two heart surgeries and need to cover myself. I belong to an HMO where treatment is haphazard but intentions are good. The VA has met my needs

for 24 years, and the physicians are not limited by the bottom line when I need treatment - I receive it from dedicated professionals. Take the managed-care shackles from us. We want the VA to be fairly compensated for providing treatment. Medicare premiums will go a long way toward continuing a track record of excellence.

- Sanford Garland

Valley Village

Nothing else worked

In your November 21 editorial titled ``More Stupid Excuses,'' you say ``some people have asked why (the Daily News) so often highlights so many of the bungled efforts at LAUSD. The answer is simple: We're stunned that the incompetence continues.''

That is not the answer. The answer is, if not the Daily News, then who? The public's letters and comments did no good, neither did intelligent members of the community do any good with their input. It was all ignored. It took a great paper, exercising the freedom of the press, to continue to hammer on the morons and incompetents at the LAUSD to get any changes ever made.

I say, Bravo to newspapers that take on the establishment idiots and get rid of them. Well done.

- Robert M. Rosenthal

Los Angeles

Shine a little light

Re LAUSD pay scam:

Seems like there's no end to the scandals, doesn't it? But what else could we expect? After all: A house built on sand must finally collapse. The sand in this case being the concept of charging politicians, bureaucrats and socialist labor unions with forming the minds of our future.

Three cheers to the Daily News for letting the sunlight into some dark and evil places.

- Earl M. Gottlieb


Traditional stupidity

Re Twelve students dead in Texas tragedy:

This predictable tragedy reminded me of an incident at Hart High School in Valencia where the school curriculum included teaching students how to make a homemade cannon, resulting in an explosion that caused serious burns to two students. It is bad enough when young people participate in foolish, risky activities on their own, but it is even more appalling when brain-dead school administrators and teachers encourage it, resulting in the deaths of 12 students and serious injuries to 28 others.

(Texas A&M) President Ray Bowen said the school will take the lead in the investigation and form a task force of engineers and experts. It takes neither an engineer nor an expert to recognize the obvious danger in stacking tons of logs on top of each other and standing anywhere near them. It takes only basic common sense - which is obviously lacking at Texas A&M University.

The sympathy that is pouring into Texas A&M from around the country is all fine and well, but how about eliminating such ``traditional'' stupidity from schools?

- Tony Nathanson


Novel thought

Responding to David Keegan's letter ``Just say no,'' (Public Forum, Nov. 15), suggesting the way to avoid possible abortions is to avoid sex in the first place.

I want to avoid becoming overweight. Does he suggest I stop eating?

You're a hard man, McGee.

- Calvin C. Booth

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