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The recent cross burning on the front yard of a Shadow Hills home is deplorable and unacceptable. The communities of Shadow Hills and Lake View Terrace pride ourselves on our diversity without thoughts of race, color or religion. These kinds of actions are totally unacceptable anywhere. This crime should be dealt with swiftly and harshly to let the perpetrators know that Shadow Hills, Lake View Terrace and indeed all Americans will not tolerate racism in any form.

- Nancy and David Snider

Lake View Terrace

Home Owners Association

Missed Internet hookup

The lack or delay of federal grants to pay for Internet hookups in classrooms is going to ``set back the learning curve of thousands of students,'' as stated in ``More stupid excuses,'' (Editorial, Nov. 21). The learning curve of students can only be achieved when teachers can walk into the classrooms and perform their job of teaching, have the full support, backing and confidence from the administrators and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Sufficient studies are available that support the thesis that learning and teaching can only be accomplished in an atmosphere of trust and support - not via the Internet.

- Chuck Paioni

Granada Hills

What a deal

The article in your paper on Nov. 15, ``The thinner blue line,'' really hits home. When you have City Council representatives like Cindy Miscikowski, Hal Bernson and Laura Chick representing you, you know you're in trouble. They are all too busy counting their money from special interest groups to even worry about their constituents. What a deal the taxpayers are getting.

Take notice, Councilman Mike Feuer.

- Marvin L. Snyder

Studio City

Less is unacceptable

The Daily News is right on the mark when you say the Valley was ``Robbed again,'' (Editorial, Nov. 16).

What could the powers that be at LAPD headquarters have been thinking when they reassigned 42 West Valley officers? Do they believe that rape, murder, assault, property crimes, robberies, burglaries, car theft and more do not warrant the same attention in the West Valley as they do in other parts of the city?

While the top brass are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they can possibly deploy officers to crime scenes miles from headquarters in less than 10 to 20 minutes, the criminals will declare open season on the West Valley, secure in the knowledge that there are no longer enough police to catch them.

Last year I was the victim of burglary. It was a frightening experience. Fortunately for me, West Valley LAPD arrived within a few minutes of my call. Their quick response made it easier to endure the smashed windows, chaos and disarray of what was left of my home.

We need, deserve and insist on sufficient police officers in the West Valley to assure reasonable response times. Anything less is unconscionable and unacceptable.

- Francine Oschin


Trump is proof

We have always been told that smart people do not become wealthy. Donald Trump is here to prove it. Trump should enroll in a college finance economics 101 class. Trump's plan for the rich to turn over $5.7 trillion to the U.S. government would cause absolute chaos. To raise that amount of money, these rich people would have to sell their stock holdings, real estate, etc., thereby driving down the price of everything. The deflation effects would cause the collapse of our financial system.

But then again, maybe that is his plan.

- Francis Jansen


Agreeing with NRA

I reluctantly have to agree with the National Rifle Association's continuing credo that ``Guns don't kill people. People kill people.'' Witness your Nov. 18 news article which reports the New England Journal of Medicine's findings that while guns do not of themselves kill people, they are the most convenient method for people to kill themselves. More suicides use guns than any other means. A gun is easier to use, less personal, more direct and quicker.

However, increasing the waiting period before a gun purchase can be helpful. It allows a mentally or emotionally disturbed person more time and thus an opportunity to seek medical or spiritual help. I would also suggest amending our Constitution's Second Amendment to limit the possession of firearms to police agencies or to a properly trained citizens's militia (analogous to each state's National Guard.)

- Louis Robins

Van Nuys

Banning ammo

Some years ago the city required that records be kept of everyone who purchased ammunition. This, our elected officials assured us, was a reasonable step and would reduce crime.

Now a complete ban on sales of firearms ammunition in the city has been proposed. Has recording ammunition purchasers failed? Was the effect on crime ever studied? No one has mentioned that because, Chief Bernard Parks now says, it is simply the goal of the city to suppress gun ownership.

The city's leaders take no interest in the effect such policies have on crime and put no effort into finding out whether crime falls because of these laws. The only apparent goal of a ban is harassment of law-abiding citizens who are trying to exercise their rights. Is that a good goal for a democratic government?

- Robert Harding


Nice job

I'm not sure you realize it, but day after day, year after year, you folks are just beating the holy pants off your journalistic brethren downtown, locally and beyond. Today's Daily News front page is just one small example. It contained stories that most concern Angelenos about things here and elsewhere. I'm not sure what the increasingly irrelevant other newspaper ran; I rarely pay attention. But my guess is that the mix and presentation was far below the high levels of the Daily News and I bet you dollars to doughuts it didn't contain the regularly inspirational human interest story by Dennis McCarthy.

In just one day's front page, Daily News readers were informed of the catastrophe in Texas, the continuing bureaucratic bungling at LAUSD, a 411 increase, a revolutionary pain medication discovery and how one nearing 100 years of life does not necessarily deny herself full enjoyment of every single day. Clearly, your Green Sheet days are far behind you.

- Andrew M. Weitz

West Hills

Making changes in LAUSD

The report by Public Interest Investigations Inc., which investigated serious charges about our Environmental Health and Safety Branch and conveyed in part in Keith Rohman's article ``LAUSD must share information with public'' (Opinion, Nov. 18) revealed startling factors. Rohman neglected to mention that his investigation was initiated by the Board of Education to ascertain if the serious allegations made by the former head of that branch were valid. Rohman found some to be true and some to be unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, it was a devastating commentary which the Board of Education took very seriously. It is obvious that we have begun to make the changes that this district desperately requires in order to allow the board to focus on the needs of our most important clients: the 700,000 students who attend Los Angeles Unified School District schools.

Rohman glossed over the fact that the presence of asbestos at several schools was promptly revealed to the public, overturning the previous unspoken policy of ``You do not close a school and find nothing.'' This board, with its new leadership, took that risk in order to protect our children. Additionally, we have removed the Environmental Health and Safety Branch from the Facilities Division, to protect the branch's integrity and our kids. Other reforms are on the drawing board.

The sea changes that are needed cannot be made overnight if they are to be successful and constructive. We have begun to build a team capable of that awesome task.

- Valerie Fields

Board member


I can do this

I am officially submitting my resume for the LAUSD superintendent position so I can fail, hire lawyers and whine until I get an absurd buyout package in addition to a $150,000-a-year pension. Believe me, I can be as incompetent as the next guy for that kind of dough.

I can't believe what a sucker I've been all these years, working hard and trying to be competent for a profitable, small private company, when I could have been the head of an inefficient, bloated bureaucracy for 3-1/2 times the salary I'm making now. I guess I'm just plain stupid.

- Alan Mudge


War is real

I watched a movie last night, and normally that would be that. But this movie was ``Saving Private Ryan,'' possibly one of the most realistic combat films that has come down the pike in years. I wish that everybody would watch it - not that I want to make the producers rich, but to understand what combat is and appreciate the value of our servicemen and women.

Recently, I read two out of 10 of our Army's divisions are unfit for combat, due to the fact we have them spread out all over the world, doing peacekeeping duties. Our married military have to subsidize their income with food stamps. Is it any wonder that we're having problems recruiting to fill the ranks? Since we stopped the draft and are relying on volunteers, we seem to have a disconnect with our military, you know. ``Hell, that's someone else's kid.''

Finally, boys and girls, war is real, nasty and serious business and should never be taken lightly.

- Ron Jackson

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