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I am at a complete loss of understanding our elected officials after reading ``GOP leader's affair leaked,'' Daily News, Sept. 17.

I am trying to understand how Rep. Henry Hyde can honestly be the House member leading the impeachment review of our president.

- John R. Furci


Republicans say the president should resign because he has lost the power to govern effectively. Yet, if Bill Clinton resigned today, they would wait a few hours, mumble some rhetoric about the glory of the democratic process, and then go after Al Gore with the same hammer and tongs.

It seems that governing by force is all they know how to do anymore. Can they be that afraid of democracy?

- Bob Loza


I was disappointed, to say the least, by your Sept. 20 editorial recommending that the president resign.

Yes, he is a disgrace to the office of president and should be punished in some manner, but I don't think it appropriate for him to resign until all the inquiries into his conduct have been thoroughly done. The media have scrupulously delved into the president's demeanor, but not a word has been done to criticize or condemn Monica Lewinsky's.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Republicans have had this vendetta against President Clinton since he has been in office.

Both parties seem to act like children instead of adults. The public wants this to end. Why don't our politicians want to end this? The rest of the world is laughing at us.

- Earl D. Horwitz

North Hollywood

All these polls on the Clinton scandal are nonsense.

The only poll that matters is the one that will be taken Nov. 3. If the people really back Clinton, the Republicans will lose Congress. If they want him impeached, the GOP will gain seats. Let's wait and see.

- Ron Badger


President Clinton was hot-footing it like he was walking on coals when he skipped across his answers before the grand jury.

His body language spoke volumes about who he really is as he walked through a minefield of legalistic, hairsplitting double talk.

- Isabel Lyons

North Hollywood

Same-sex marriages

I found it quite amusing that as Californians were watching President Clinton trying to evade answering questions that would certainly prove he was having a sexual affair outside his marriage, it was announced that there would be an anti-gay marriage initiative placed before California voters sometime in the future.

The funny thing is that while polls show Clinton should be excused from this highly immoral act, Americans are against same-sex marriages because they are immoral.

Would somebody please define morality so we can all get it straight? An extramarital affair is acceptable, while a union between two loving individuals isn't? And for all you Bible quoters who say it condemns homosexuality, does the same Bible not also condemn adultery?

It seems that morality can only be defined as ``whatever works to protect an individual from having to be made uncomfortable by another individual.''

There must be a lot of married men fooling around out there.

- Lisa Lazarus

Sherman Oaks

Valley secession rebuttal

Re John F. Mendez's letter (``Secession leaders'') in Public Forum on Sept. 24:

I suggest that he take the 405 Freeway and exit at either Roscoe Boulevard or Vanowen Street, traveling those streets west to West Hills, then return on Sherman Way to the 405.

He will then understand that Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment is not for a few privileged people or even for a few politicians. It is an effort by a diverse population of more than 1 million people to achieve freedom from the megalopolis called Los Angeles.

By the way, the San Fernando Valley owns as much of Los Angeles as anyone else. We are looking for a divorce with a sharing of assets.

- Theodora Howell

West Hills

Mexican holiday budget

Re your Sept. 16 article ``Mexican holidaHy budget triple that spent for July 4'':

Why does Los Angeles have a Cultural Affairs Department? What part of whose culture is it promoting? Apparently it is not America's.

Immigrants come to this country and we natives stay because our culture, which includes personal freedom and the rule of law, is better than the ethos of the places we could be living.

Most of us are able to enjoy our culture without the assistance of the government and its agencies. Why not eliminate the Cultural Affairs Department and replace it with a Department of Assimilation?

- Philip Booth

Santa Clarita

I found it utterly disgusting to read that our City Council voted to spend three times as much on the Mexican independence day celebrations as for the Fourth of July. This should not be surprising, however, especially after the council's recent announcement that it is joining in the court battle to overthrow Proposition 227.

Since most of our politicians, representatives and civil servants are so intimidated by the leaders of the various ``special'' interest groups, patriotism and honoring the will of the voters no longer appear to matter.

- Audrey Robb

Valley Village

Gridiron needs repair

Response to the column by Dennis McCarthy on Sept. 11 on East Valley Youth Football:

A grass athletic field cannot withstand unlimited wear and tear. Constant use destroys it. Once the grass is gone, the field becomes unplayable.

Van Nuys High School has one football field, one softball field and a small multipurpose field for 3,600 students. These fields are in constant use by our physical education classes, athletic teams and marching band.

Each year by the end of football season, our fields have been left in ruin due to heavy use. As a result, students during the winter and spring have had to play in dust and mud. This has been especially hard on our soccer teams and marching band.

We regretted having to cancel permits for the use of our fields by groups such as the East VHalley Trojans. However, the wear and tear on our fields was simply too great.

- Russ Thompson


Van Nuys High School

Thoughts on using Pierce College land

Instead of transforming Pierce College land that is up for grabs into a biotech and industrial park (Daily News, Sept. 24), wouldn't the community and college be better served by an entertainment and cultural arts center? It's the only thing the Valley sorely lacks.

Whether or not the Valley secedes from Los Angeles, wouldn't it be nice if we had our own philharmonic, ballet, theater and/or museum?

If not that, then the college should consider other income-generating alternatives that would not betray the community.

I hope local leaders, property owners and other concerned residents will be successful in discouraging Pierce officials from industrializing this area - especially with potentially hazardous facilities.

- Regina Lawrence


Thank you, Daily News, for stating so clearly the need to bring interested parties together to find solutions to the future of the 240-acre Pierce College farm (``Save the College; Pierce College and community should get together on utilizing farmland so students and residents benefit,'' Editorials, Sept. 13).

It's time to stop characterizing farm supporters as NIMBYs and farm jobs as the only careers in agriculture.

It's time to acknowledge the enormous economic importance of California agricultural production and related agricultural industries to urban residents, including students. It's time to respect the 50-year history of the Pierce College farm teaching laboratory and agriculture/natural resources program. It's time to put the horse before the cart.

When the board of trustees decided Sept. 9 to open up the use of college farmland to all proposals, not just commercial, the horse moved from behind the cart to a spot alongside it. Why not put the horse in front of the cart by halting the proposal process and finally bringing the communitHy and agricultural and environmental experts together with faculty, staff and students to address all farm issues, including funding, before considering commercial development?

- Margo Murman


Committee to Save the Farm

Woodland Hills

I would like to correct the erroneous statement that appeared in professor Lee Shapiro's letter to the editor Sept. 16. Shapiro stated that the agricultural department at Pierce College includes more than 10 percent of the college's total enrollment. As of the census date for the fall semester, the agricultural department has 3.5 percent of the total enrollment.

- Shelley Gerstl

Associate dean

Admissions and records

Pierce College, Woodland Hills
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