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What is truly amazing to me is the closing of one's eyes to the facts that pretty much well absolve President Clinton from the wrongdoing that Kenneth Starr's partisan witch hunt has tried so desperately to prove.

Sy Levine (Public Forum, March 26) said that Whitewater transaction files, legally required to be kept, somehow cannot be found until months later, and evidence supporting Katherine Willey's recent attempts at employment with the support of the White House are quite easily recovered and presented to the media.

I don't know about most folks but when I have hundreds of documents going back many years and I have to pack up and move my residence many miles away to run a nation, I will admit that some papers may be harder to find than others.

To anyone who thinks Clinton's moral standards leave much to be desired: Please leave the hypocritical snubs to yourselves, because perhaps if Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been impeached due to his own personal affairs, which we didn't give two bits about then, would we be possibly bringing Whitewater subpoenas on our own Fuhrer? Scary thought indeed.

- Larry Beeman

Agoura Hills

Reply to ``Gold-digging bimbos at root of crisis'' By David L. McNutt (Public Forum, March 25):

McNutt seems to be part of that group which does not understand the purpose of the independent counsel.

The independent counsel or prosecutor is looking for breaches of law. Having sex with the president of the United States is not a breach of law whether it occurred in the White House or any place else, unless, of course, it occurred in a state in which the act of adultery is a crime.

There is, however, enough probable cause generated by several of these women to give rise to the specter of subornation of perjury on the part of the president.

McNutt also forgot that there is a large majority in this country which still believes that the office of president of the United States is sacrosanct, and that acts of moral turpitude or even accusations of moral turpitude against the president do not enhance the office of the president and the position of the United States in the global political structure.

- Paul Cooper


Reckless pedestrians

I was saddened, but not surprised, to hear about the tragedy of the baby being killed on Roscoe and Topanga Canyon boulevards (``Baby crushed by truck; mother's dash with stroller proves fatal,'' Daily News, March 27). My sincere sympathy goes out to the whole Garcia family and the truck driver.

Topanga Canyon Boulevard from Lanark Park to Chase Street has been an accident waiting to happen. I have seen whole families, often with a shopping cart and children holding on to the cart or the adults laden with sacks of groceries and children holding each others' hands, cross in the middle of the block.

Sometimes they get stranded out in the median until traffic clears. I have commented to my husband that maybe Caltrans should post one of those yellow signs with the families running - like the ones to warn of pedestrians on Interstate 5 on the way to San Diego. The point is that they are not obeying the laws that are created to protect all of us.

One of the responsibilities of parents is to teach their children right and wrong. Disobeying basic traffic laws is not constructive learning.

If they don't have to stop at a red light then what other laws can they ignore and get away with?

- Kathy Christian


Rewriting history

I take great exception to the comments by John Hope Franklin (chairman of the president's advisory board on race) in USA Weekend (Daily News, March 22) and the president's comments the other day regarding how white Americans profit from their ancestors' slave trade.

There is no connection between today's white Americans and the slave owners of the past. There has been a constant influx of immigrants to this country from all over the world. Many years and generations have passed by. We are a diverse people now and generations away from that ugly part of our history.

I am tired of these self-appointed social elitists trying to rewrite history and downgrade true men of valor. They can't get a real job so they ride on the back of slavery, bashing our heroic Founding Fathers and trying to keep the racial divide deep and alive.

- Denise Grimes


Parker rebutted

This is in response to the column by Kathleen Parker (Daily News, March 25), ``Single moms no substitute for fathers'':

Apparently, former Vice President Dan Quayle's boneheaded - and ultimately self-defeating - comments about fictional Murphy Brown's decision to bear a child out of wedlock didn't go far enough to suit Parker. Now she has weighed in with her opinion regarding Jodie Foster's impending motherhood. And where Quayle came across as clumsy and slightly sad, Parker simply reveals the limitations of her own ability to reason.

If Parker is to be believed, Jodie Foster, along with a handful of other single celebrities who have opted for motherhood, is at the vanguard of a movement that seeks nothing less than the ruination of American society. Thank goodness that Kathleen Parker and other right-thinking people of her ilk are there to protect us. We are, as she puts it, simply ``morons unable to connect the numbered dots.''

The problem that Parker fails to define is that we, as a society, do not care sufficiently for our children. Raising a happy child has everything to do with instilling a sense of being loved, of belonging, of having intrinsic worth - and precious little to do with whether there are his and hers towels in the bathroom.

Not only is her notion of ``man and woman and holy matrimony'' hardly a prescription for successful parenthood, it also does not mirror the reality of most families today.

Finally, I have yet to meet the single mother who sees herself as ``the next notch on the feminist totem pole of self-realization.''

- Ian Marks


L.A. sewer charges

Last year there was quite a stir about sewer charges in Los Angeles. The argument was, ``Not all water used goes down the drain.'' The city changed the way customers are billed for services. One look at your bills, current and past, will make it obvious that the consumers are now taking a much bigger hit.

The charge went from total water used to what the Department of Water and Power has figured as an ``average wintertime use.''

So what used to average approximately $20 per billing is now approximately $55 per billing. Last year we were being charged for twice as much sewer water and paying less than half as much as we pay now.

I don't know about you, but my lawn is much greener than my wallet.

- Donald R. Mancini

Granada Hills

Zacarias' letter

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ruben Zacarias' letter to Public Forum (``LAUSD's stand on tests'') March 26 raises a few questions. Though it is true that his recent letter to parents concerning the Stanford 9 test does not ``solicit or encourage parents to exercise the provision'' to opt their kids out of taking the test, it does notify parents of the right to do so in a much more visible and dramatic fashion than ever before.

The assumption of virtually everyone in the district, whatever their views on testing, is that the purpose of the letter is to remove non-native English speakers from testing, and that the superintendent is engaging in legal niceties, rather than forthright policy.

If the district is so sensitive to parents knowing their rights, why has it never sent a letter to the parents of the 400,000 kids in the bilingual program, informing them of their right to place their kids in English immersion? I've heard plenty of parents request that.

- Douglas Lasken

Woodland Hills

Religion and `Coke Day'

Something apparent - and distressing - hit me about the incident in Evans, Ga., where a high school student was suspended for wearing a Pepsi T-shirt on Coke Day. Were that same high school asked to sponsor a ``Jehovah's Witness Day'' where church officials were present on the campus and students were requested - not required - to wear ``When we knock, please open'' T-shirts, and something about the philosophy of the Witnesses was integrated into each class in return for winning a $500 contest, you can bet some parent or official would have a fit about the mixing of church and state.

Oddly enough, I'm finding less objection to the thought of a Jehovah's Witness Day than to a Coke Day.

What is terrifying to see is that all of them - staff, teachers and students alike - do not even question the value of turning a living, breathing center of education and values into a billboard for a product.

- Russ Reina

Santa Barbara

Bilingual education

Regarding the letter on bilingual education in Public Forum (March 26) by Priscilla Gutierrez:

She states: ``Of the 1.5 million language-minority students in California, only 30 percent are in bilingual education.'' The 30 percent figure is misleading because the remaining 70 percent who do not receive bilingual education includes students whose native language is one of about 80 different languages other than Spanish spoken by immigrant children in California. Most of these children acquire English through immersion and their academic achievements oftentimes exceed that of native English speakers.

In almost all other countries, immigrant students learn the language of their new country through immersion. Other languages, including their own native languages, may be studied as a subject. For example, Russian immigrants to Israel are immersed in Hebrew and then go on to learn English, and as an elective, they may continue to study Russian.

Gutierrez is correct when she says that being bilingual is a benefit and since Latino children already know Spanish the best way for them to be bilingual is to learn English.

- Hal Netkin

Van Nuys
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