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Re Thomas E. Locke's letter ``Be consistent,'' (Public Forum, Jan. 31):

Two things are obvious. First, he supports gay marriages and, secondly, he has never read the Bible. He comments ``The Bible also condones slavery and wife beating . . . There is not one word against child abuse in the Bible.''

If Locke has read the Bible he would have read the following: Ephesians 5:23 thru 5:24 which says in part ``Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church . . . '' and Luke 15:11 thru 15:32, the story of the prodigal son's return home to his father. Also, if I remember correctly, God freed the Jews. If Locke has an issue regarding gay marriages, he should ``Be consistent'' and stick to the issue.

- Stephen Duhm

Woodland Hills


Recently a lot has been said regarding Proposition 22 (Protection of Marriage Initiative) over whether or not gay or lesbian couples should be able to marry. Californians are fair-minded and respectful of other people's beliefs and lifestyles. However, we understand the difference between respecting a person's right to same-sex relationships and endorsing ``same-sex marriages.''

The simple fact is: Marriage is ordained of God as the union between a man and a woman. California law defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Several state courts are close to ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. And since marriages performed in other states are usually recognized as valid in California, we could be forced to accept same-sex marriages performed out of state. A yes vote is needed to close this loophole.

- Paul Matthews



A lot of opposite-sex couples live years together, raising children better than married people and gay couples. Also, the government and families most of the time contest their wills and win all their possessions. This is just not fair.

Everyone who is in love, whether just living together like straight couples or gay couples, is entitled to everything in regard to marriage. And anyone, whether gay or straight who is in love, is entitled to marriage.

- Gerald C. Karels

Van Nuys


Re ``Not Christian punishment.'' (Public Forum, Jan. 28):

I must respond to contributor Michael Pratt and his opposition to capital punishment.

I wonder if Pratt would take the same attitude if a life would be taken in his own immediate family by one of these human beings he feels sorry for? Charles Manson, in prison since 1971, receives three square meals a day, he is housed, clothed by taxpayers' expense. I understand he even has his own Internet page. That's much more that someone who is in abject poverty or homeless. These human beings are living at our expense. Sixty percent of Californians voted for the retention of the death penalty.

I am tired of my tax money shepherding these human beings into state-run prison facilities like some hotel.

- David Fiorella

North Hollywood


David L. Peltz's article (``Harassment by law'' Opinions, Jan. 30) summarizes the California gun owner's dilemma perfectly - more and more hoops for us to jump through, nothing for the criminals.

- Stephen Crane

West Los Angeles


Re ``No more hiding'' (Editorial, Jan. 26):

In one sense, the real story is not that the API scores for L.A. schools are so low but that they are so high, given the working and learning conditions teachers face every day, along with their students, in our schools.

Imagine what our teachers could have done if they had manageable class sizes in every grade, buildings that were clean and safe and that had enough room, adequate supplies and standards-based textbooks, proper training and support, capable administrators who were inspired leaders, and plenty of involved parents.

One good way schools could reach their target of raising their API score 5 percent is to free teachers from unnecessary paperwork and the imposition of halaked programs and impractical procedures. Allow teachers to be free to teach as they know best.

Do the API scores mean more accountability? Teachers can be held accountable only to the degree that they share responsibility in educational decision-making and have adequate resources to get the job done.

- Day Higuchi


United Teachers Los Angeles


The Daily News is right to say ``Freeway funding needed'' in its Jan. 31 editorial. However, the final paragraph of that editorial, calling for elected representatives to ``get off their duffs and stand up for the community'' shows a strong disconnection with the reality of efforts to improve movement along the 101 Corridor.

As a member of the Agoura Hills City Council, a city the Daily News did not even mention in its editorial, I am the person responsible for holding last week's 101 Corridor Summit. In arranging that meeting, I had the unprecedented cooperation and presence at the summit of leaders from the cities of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Malibu and three council offices from Los Angeles, including those of Cindy Miscikowski, Laura Chick and Hal Bernson. Also represented were Rep. Brad Sherman, Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl and L.A. County Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Michael Antonovich. It was also heartening to have representatives from the Southern California Association of Governments, Caltrans and the MTA at the meeting. For once we had all the players in the same place.

For the Daily News to infer that elected officials are trailing this issue, when in fact we brought together the unprecedented meeting, is a disservice to your readers and to those officials who worked it into their schedules.

The 101 Corridor has been handicapped by a lack of attention for many reasons, some of them political and not of our making.

- Jeff Reinhardt


Agoura Hills

BROWSE THIS this. that. Just watch. Pretty soon, this country's going to itself into oblivion. If all those nauseating Web site commercials during the Super Bowl weren't proof enough (not to mention almost every single commercial played on the radio), I don't know what is.

- Greg Garnet

Canoga Park


After reading ``L.A. Jumps Into Flag Flap'' it occurred to me that the L.A. City Council has enough problems of its own and can't afford to go around involving itself in the problems of other states. I'm sure the people of South Carolina are more than capable of dealing with their own internal affairs. The L.A. City Council is the last body to offer advice to anyone. They can't build a high school, complete a rapid transit system or deal with corruption in their own ranks.

- L.A. Calabro



I cannot believe that the sovereign state of South Carolina would knowingly and defiantly fly a symbol of hate, especially on their state Capitol. I choose to believe that the flag is there, beneath our national symbol, to honor those brave soldiers on both sides, who died fighting for that in which they believed. Is that not also a reason why Old Glory is flown? The last battle in the Civil War was fought 135 years ago. Get over it. Please honor those who died on either side. Put on your glasses and see that it is merely an antique banner, not a political football.

Don't read something into this that is not intended. No more meat on the bone, guys, stop chewing it, bury it. Perhaps hate is still alive in your hearts, but not in the heart of this old ``Yankee.''

- Ron Hall

Sun Valley
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