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Pot luck 1. The Greek gods were believed to reside on which mountain? 2. The film Roxanne starring Steve Martin is based on which classic French play and film? 3. Commonly found in circuses, how is a funambulist better known? 4. Who wrote Of Mice and Men? 5. Benny the Ball, Choo-Choo and Spook were part of which cartoon character's gang? 6. According to the poem, the owl and the pussycat bought their wedding ring from which animal? 7. Who sang the theme tune to the TV series Minder? 8. Which wood is traditionally used to make the black keys of a piano? 9. Which former US sportsman has the first names Orenthal James? 10. Which French phrase meaning 'from the menu' is often used in the English language? Disasters 1. The tsunami that hit Thailand, Indonesia and other countries happened on Boxing Day in which year? 2. Name the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico which suffered an explosion in April 2010. 3. In January 2012, which cruise ship hit a rock off Isola del Giglio? 4. The Jim Jones 'Jonestown Massacre' of 1978 happened in which country? 5. In which year did the Chernobyl disaster occur? US Teams Which cities share these football and baseball teams? 1. 49ers/Giants 2. Bears/Cubs 3. Eagles/Phillies 4. Seahawks/Mariners 5. Rams/Cardinals 6. Dolphins/Marlins 7. Steelers/Pirates 8. Raiders/Athletics 9. Chiefs/Royals 10. Redskins/Nationals Answers to last week POT LUCK: 1. Au; 2. Robbie Williams; 3. Canada; 4. Seve Ballesteros; 5. Istanbul; 6. Filly; 7. Portsmouth; 8. Leadbetter; 9. Aberdeen; 10. A quaver. SOUNDS THE SAME: 1. Foe/faux; 2. Brews/bruise; 3. Rude/rued; 4. Mustard/mustered; 5. Insight/incite. ROMANTIC FILM QUOTES: 1. Casablanca; 2. As Good As It Gets; 3. Four Weddings and a Funeral; 4. Some Like It Hot; 5. Gone With The Wind; 6. The Way We Were; 7. Titanic; 8. Say Anything; 9. Love Story; 10. Brief Encounter.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2013
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