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Pot luck 1. What was Muhammad Ali's name before he changed it? 2. Which animal do you associate with the start of an MGM film? 3. Where would a troglodyte live? 4. In which religion is the god Brahma found? 5. Who played the villain in the film Speed? 6. In which decade was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated? 7. On which island is the resort of Cowes? 8. Which of Henry VIII's wives was mother to Queen Elizabeth I? 9. Which instrument was Benny Goodman famous for playing? 10. Who is reported to have said to his wife 'Honey, I forgot to duck' after an assassination attempt in 1981? BARD ANAGRAMS Unscramble these Shakespeare plays.

1. Graded minimum hamsters (1,9,6,5) 2. Casual juries (6,6) 3. Maniac doughnut booth (4,3,5,7) 4. Actor annoyed a plant (6,3,9) 5. Tiny worms wished forever (3,5,5,2,7) SEE QUESTION 1 BELOW Oscar Songs Which films featured these Oscar-winning songs? 1. Take My Breath Away 2. Jai Ho 3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight 4. Lose Yourself 5. My Heart Will Go On 6. Moon River 7. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 8. Under The Sea 9. The Windmills Of Your Mind 10. Up Where We Belong Answers to last week POT LUCK: 1. Romeo and Juliet; 2. Nick Hornby; 3. Italy; 4. Taff; 5. Scream; 6. Hampden Park; 7. Stephen Hawking; 8. A Fish Called Wanda; 9. The ear; 10. Two.

FROGS: 1. Amphibian; 2. Robin; 3. Grenouille; 4. Hoof; 5. We All Stand Together.

MILITARY RANKS: 1. Commodores; 2. Major Charles Ingram; 3. David Seaman; 4. General Hospital; 5. Admiral Benbow (from Treasure Island); 6. Captain & Tenille; 7. Corporal Max Klinger; 8. Sergeant Bash; 9. Colonel Tom Parker; 10. Lieutenant Pigeon.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Nov 11, 2012
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