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There are few nicer taverns in Tyneside than The Canon, and it is in one of the area's prettiest villages, Earsdon, yet it is frequently empty, but the trivia had pulled in a few on the night Woz and Co.

were there.

Pub: The Canon, Earsdon, North Tyneside Question Master: David Day and Time of Quiz: Tuesday 9pm Price: Free Prize Money: Four bottles of wine Food: None Participating age groups: Grey economy very much on show Star Rating: 6/10 Number of Teams: Seven Marking System: Marked by David Most unusual name: None stood out Quiz Format Round 1 20 questions of a very mixed standard Round 2 20 as above Between Rounds: None Jackpot: A difficult question offered with a view to not paying out until the kitty is large. Roll over to next week.

Comment: The quiz operates a strange scoring system, in that three, four or five points are awarded for each answer, but no logic seems to apply to how these scores are arrived at. It certainly does not seem to be on degree of difficulty, and why not one, two and three points as opposed to three, four and five? I remember in the past a dice was used and what ever number was thrown was the points score on that poser, a bit indiscriminate but it seemed a more reasonable gamble element - perhaps the venue should return to this method. Overall, a night where the tempo and atmosphere of the inn is hardly ruffled. The event is free to enter, with bottles of wine generously donated as prizes by the management. This is a pleasant way to enjoy a drink with a low-tempo challenge to accompany it..

10 Questions from the Quiz 1. The song Too Darned Hot comes from which musical? 2. What is the common name for the medical condition pink-eye? 3. Vanessa Kensington is the wife of which film superhero? 4. DKNY stands for what, in fashion? 5. What term is given to the bottom of the sea, where sailors are often laid to rest? 6. The acronym PLUTO stands for what? 7. What is the cube root of 169? 8. Which music channel was launched in August 1981? 9. What does the "H" stand for in H bomb? 10. Who are Britain's largest private land owners? Answers: 1) Kiss me Kate, 2) Conjunctivitis, 3) Austin Powers, 4) Donna Karen, New York, 5) Davey Jones' Locker, 6) Pipe Line Under The Ocean, 7) 13, 8) MTV, 9) Hydrogen, 10) The Church Commissioners..
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2009
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