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THIS was the venue of my first ever Chronicle report in 2005. Woz and Co's memory was of the most frantic posing of questions imaginable and a prayer that this had changed.

PUB: Shiremoor House Farm, North Tyneside QUESTION MASTER: Alan DAY AND TIME OF QUIZ: Monday 9pm PRICE: 50p per person PRIZE MONEY: All monies taken paid out FOOD: None PARTICIPATING AGE GROUPS: Very wide range STAR RATING: 6/10 NUMBER OF TEAMS: 12 MARKING SYSTEM: Marked by the host and friend MOST UNUSUAL NAME: Sadly numbers only


ROUND: Picture round, a good mix of 15 photos to identify ROUND 2: 10 general knowledge posers which were more difficult than the norm.

ROUND 3: Current affairs as Blockbuster (see questions from the quiz) ROUND 4: Quartets. Five questions with four answers to each ROUND 5: Anagram of 10 posers ROUND 6: Stage. 10 posers on theatrical trivia ROUND 7: Quickie round. I thought every round could be described as this.

BETWEEN ROUNDS: See comment.

JACKPOT: Random question to answer. The Jackpot stood at pounds 190.

COMMENT: This is one of the great taverns of Tyneside and it has a reasonably successful quiz to match. Sadly, although the event is good, it is losing support and I am sure this is down to the quiz being the most frantic creation of posers anyone has ever put together. Why does Alan not record his delivery and he will see that frantic is an understatement. I, certainly, could not write down the challenges for this article and had to make up my own question for one of the "Questions from the Quiz". Also the between rounds, option of true or false, and one drawn from either packet for a prize, is an insult to the participants intelligence and out of step with the rest of the challenge. I have been to many of this hosfs efforts before and although the standard set is high, the delivery remain absurd.

QUIZ DIARY: The new quiz night at The George Stephenson, Forest Hall is on Wednesday's, 8.30pm


The initials of the answers to the questions below are A.A., D.A., D.C., D.D., G.S., H.S., H.M.S.D., B.G., I.M., O.F.

1) Which chewy sweet of the 70's is making a comeback?

2) What is the name of the Royal Navy's new destroyer?

3) Which Indian cricketer has been banned for 11 games?

4) Which prehistoric discovery was sold on the internet for pounds 500?

5) In Eastenders, who did Sean Slater take hostage?

6) In which city are the African Athletics' Championships taking place?

7) What is the name of the new super hero movie?

8) Which British golfer has just won his first tour event for five years?

9) Who has condemned the number of TV. Iifestyle shows as a scandal?

10) The daughter of which pop legend was photographed buying drugs?

ANSWERS: 1) Opal Fruits, 2(HMS Daring, 3) Harbajan Singh, 4) Dinosaur dung, 5) Gus Smith, 6) Sffid Ababa, 7) Iron Man, 8) Darren Clark, 9) David Attenborough, 10)Bob Geldof.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 30, 2008
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