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Woz and Co returned to the North Tyne village of Wark to visit a pub next to one they visited last year

PUB: The Black Bull, Wark.


DAY AND TIME OF QUIZ: Tuesday, 9pm

PRICE: 50p per person

PRIZE MONEY: Winner takes the cash and second last gets a T-shirt.

FOOD: An outstanding buffet: quic he, pork pie, crisps, scotch egg, cheese.

PARTICIPATING AGE GROUPS: Chiefly young but a good mix



MARKING SYSTEM: Marked by Iris

MOST UNUSUAL NAME: Won't be back next week, the beers gone up 10p


ROUND 1: Picture round. 10 photos of actors. Dismal.

ROUND 2: 6 Dingbats as per those used by the Chronicle

ROUND 3: General knowledge, 40 posers

ROUND 4: Theme round, 10 questions without a theme.


JACKPOT: A free entry for a rollover which stood at over pounds 67.

COMMENT: The Black Bull and the Grey Bull are literally through the wall from each other so not much ingenuity was used with their names, even less when the quiz nights for each venue was selected in an area where trivia evenings are thin on the ground. Both inns have theirs at the same time on the same night. Both are not well supported so the solution is surely obvious. Iris presented the questions with confidence and clarity but they were not her posers so the night lacked that fizz that is always apparent when the host is the setter of the challenge. The other downside to being a trivia desert, as the further parts of Northumberland seem to be, is that questioners do not have the chance to visit other taverns and obtain ideas to update or improve their skills. I still believe it is not difficult to put together 40 questions and there are enough quiz books available to make the task even easier.

Congratulations to the management who with an outstanding buffet and help with prizes, did make their contribution along with a friendly crowd. If you do live in Northumberland and have a quiz night you would like me to review, please let me know.


1: In which country was Linford Christie born?

2: Who wrote the book Whisky Galore?

3: The large frogmouth is what? Fish, bird, orchid or insect?

4: On a standard Monopoly board what is opposite to Go?

5: Name the U.K.'s three Crown Dependency Islands?

6: The fishing boat The Orca, featured in which book and film?

7: In 1984 Margaret Thatcher wrote a sketch and played in which TV series?

8: Jackson is the state capital of which U.S. state?

9: How many minutes is the duration of a field hockey game?

10: Solve the anagram, Slybite out After (Clue: she's in a state and can't move but she's free)?

ANSWERS: 1, Jamaica; 2, Compton McKenzie; 3, Bird; 4, Free Parking; 5, Jersey, Guernsey, isle of Man; 6, Jaws; 7, Yes, Mininster, 8, Mississippi; 9,70; 10, Statue of Liberty,
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 29, 2008
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