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PU coatings.

An IPDI-based (isophorone diisocyanate) hardener designated Desmodur XP 2565, which is said to greatly reduce the solvent content of polyurethane coatings, has been developed. High-solids coatings are now said to be formulated with particularly fast drying properties, in Desmodur XP 2565, the company is said to have found another answer to the mounting demand for raw materials for low-solvent, high-solids polyurethane coatings. The market is said to be reacting to the stricter regulations that aim to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds. Waterborne polyurethane systems are also becoming popular because of their environmental friendliness, according to the company. Due to its low viscosity, this hardener can be mixed with the aqueous phase, but because it is not hydrophilically modified, it can be used to formulate aqueous coatings that are said to be particularly weather-stable and chemically resistant.

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Title Annotation:Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Mar 22, 2005
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