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PTI: hasty decisions.

Byline: Jabar Abbas Sargana - Pindi Bhattian

A LEGISLAURE is believed to be the supreme institution of a country. The function of a parliament is to conduct a healthy debate and to make laws for public welfare. It empowers lawmakers - representatives of the people - to discuss legislation. Debates in parliament create new avenues of thinking and lead towards fruitful legislation.

Unfortunately, the situation in Pakistan is to the contrary. Hasty decision-making by the PTI-led government is resulting in greater turmoil and crises. It has been undermining parliament by issuing ordinances since it came to power.

We do not have a situation in which Constitution authorises the promulgation of an ordinance. It looks as if we have an emergency situation, although parliament is not in session because of a crisis.

So why is government not showing patience? Is there any war-like situation in Pakistan? If not, then why has it issued so many ordinances? It is unfortunate that Pakistan's parliament has never been consistent and powerful since 1947.

Over 2,500 ordinances have been issued since the inception of Pakistan. The opposition's behaviour has also added fuel to the fire because it is stubborn and non-serious towards public issues. It seems that parliament has become helpless and is unable to play its role.

If we really want to see Pakistan prosper and develop, our politicians must know the concept of parliamentary supremacy. By undermining parliament, we cannot make durable legislation which can benefit the common man.

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Author:Jabar Abbas Sargana - Pindi Bhattian
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 7, 2020
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