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My fiancee and I are getting married at the end of the year.

But, when I told her I was asking my best mate to be best man, she hit the roof.

They've never liked each other. But he has been my mate since primary school and he thinks SHE is trying to clip my wings.

He's done a few mad things in the past on boys' nights out but he's just being a lad.

I really love my girl but she says she will call the wedding off if he's my best man. - Peter, Sagittarius, Newcastle.

SOUNDS just like The Likely Lads, doesn't it?

Tell him to toe the line, or else. Then tell HER he's your best mate, warts and all, and it's your wedding day, too.

Maybe she IS trying to clip your wings and the two of you should have a serious talk about what this means for the future.

I MET a woman on a boys' night out and ended up going to bed with her.

As I have a steady girlfriend, I immediately regretted what I'd done.

But I had stupidly told the other girl where I worked and now she's pestering me with calls.

She says she is pregnant. I believe her but I don't think the baby's mine. What am I going to do? - John, Scorpio, Polmont.

SCORPIOS always want to pretend that difficult things didn't happen - after the event.

There's every possibility the child IS yours. And I'm afraid that you'll have to face up to your responsibilities, John.

Look into having paternity tests done.

In this age of sexual disease, why did you even consider having anything less than SAFE sex?

If you want me to say something more comfortable, I simply cannot help.

There is no getting away from it. You'll have to admit the mistake of having sex with this woman - to yourself AND to the regular girlfriend who's going to be hurt.

I'M getting married to a wonderful man in August.

We've both been married before and we both have grown-up families who get along really well with each other.

We are very much in love and have no pressing financial problems.

But I am 10 years older than he thinks I am. I've never told him and the issue of my age has never arisen. Will I lose him if I tell him the truth? - Nancy, Gemini, Glasgow.

THE price we pay for vanity! I think he probably sussed out your age a long time ago!

But you must come clean. Suppose you needed hospital treatment and your age was a primary concern!

I FEEL my gran is still with me although she died seven years ago.

I actually felt her take my hand and comfort me when I went through a very traumatic time.

Am I imagining it? - Victoria, Aquarius, Edinburgh.

IN times of trouble, spiritual things help. Your gran was there "in spirit" - whichever way you think of it. The love you shared will always warm you.

I HAVE just decided to finish with my boyfriend. I think he loves me but I feel he doesn't show it.

I actually dreamed I had to get out of it. Should I listen to my dreams? - Margaret, Taurus, Dumfries.

I THINK we should all listen to our dreams. I also think there's a new job coming your way and you'll be able to display more talent than ever before.

Isn't self reliance a wonderful thing!

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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Pilkington, Frank
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 24, 1998
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