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PSRO 2007: sessions point the way to increased sales and revenues in scrapbook retailing.

The third annual convention for the Professional Scrapbook Retailers Organization (PSRO) will address both traditional scrapbooking and innovative, high-tech approaches for preserving and presenting memories. PSRO 2007 runs March 8-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nev., in conjunction with PMA 07.

Sealing the sale

How many of your customers walk into your store wanting to buy, and walk out the door empty handed? How many times do your salespeople not have a clue what they might have done differently?

"I promise you it is far more often than you could guess," says industry consultant Tamara Lipori, who will show how to fix the problem in her PSRO 2007 session, "Train Your Team to Sell."

"People are either natural salespeople or not," she says. "But I do believe, through training, you can teach the right people to sell; and training, linked with a compensation plan that serves the employee and company equally well, is what is lacking in the majority of retail environments.

"I believe in relationship-based sales, sincere people who love the products or services they sell, and making a personal connection with the consumers who walk through the door with their hands on their checkbooks, ready to spend."

In this session on March 9, Lipori will look at how to make employees feel like part of a team.

"Imagine a team that comes to work eager to sell, team members who initiate customer calls to let them know a product is on it's way, or to share new information that may well get a customer back in the store to buy. It's in your grasp to have a loyal team that wants to make it all happen," she says. "With this session, you're going to walk away with 10 steps that will change everything for the better!"

Doubling revenues with digital imaging

Digital imaging presents new competitive threats, but also new opportunities for scrapbook retailers.

That's the word from Jeff Makoff, CEO of DigitalCustom Group Inc., who will present "Doubling Scrapbook Store Revenues with Customer Digital Imaging Services" on March 10.

Makoff's company is a leading digital services provider to the custom frame industry. Now he's turning the spotlight on opportunities for scrapbook retailers. In his session, Makoff will show how simple it is to offer custom digital imaging services that complement scrapbook offerings, create steady revenue streams, and attract new customers.

Many scrapbook retailers are facing increased competition, low average revenues per sale, and high overhead, he says. "While many scrapbook retailers are innovative with in-store educational programs, these are time-consuming and may fail to generate a steady revenue stream. Meanwhile, the market for consumer digital imaging is exploding.

Makoff will discuss what digital imaging products and services are suitable for scrapbook stores, how scrapbook retailers can sell digital imaging, the economics of offering custom digital imaging services at retail, the store support fulfillment vendors provide, and the revenues and profit margins scrapbook retailers can expect from digital imaging services.

"Virtually every scrapbooker needs a dependable source for photo restoration, custom print services, and high-quality art duplication services," he says. "It's simple for scrapbook retailers to offer these services, with no capital investment, and no computer training or skill."

PSRO 2007

Additional PSRO 2007 speakers include PSRO Director Jeanne Wines-Reed, Kesley Anderson, and Rob Comeau. A digital scrapbooking workshop is set for March 9. Wines-Reed will also lead a tour of the PMA 07 Trade Show floor 4:00 p.m. on March 8, featuring innovations in the imaging industry, with particular focus on the Scrapbooking Pavilion, and The Complete Picture retail inspiration center.

Separately, Tamara Lipori will sign copies of her new book, "A PSRO Guide to Scrapbook Retailing," created specially for PSRO, at 4:00 p.m. on March 9.

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