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PSI-TEC Contracts World-Renowned Expert for Material Analysis.

WILMINGTON, Del., April 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- PSI-TEC Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI-TEC Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PTHO) announced today that it has contracted renowned electro-optic expert Dr. C.C. Teng to provide third-party certification of PSI-TEC's recently developed material prototype.

Dr. C.C. Teng is co-inventor of the renowned "Teng-Man test," a procedure that has today become the standard method of evaluating the material performance of electro-optic plastics.

"Independent third-party verification is extremely important to the credibility of our technology," said Frederick Goetz, CEO of PSI-TEC Corporation. "We could think of no organization or individual with greater integrity and expertise in conducting the necessary Teng-Man analysis than Dr. Teng himself."

Dr. Teng will evaluate PSI-TEC's recently fabricated, molecularly-tailored material. This novel material, known as an electro-optic plastic, has been developed for specific applications in the conversion of electrical signals into light at extremely high frequencies.

This high-speed conversion is necessary for the transmission of data over fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic data transfer is central to all broadband telecommunication, including: high-speed Internet, cable television (CATV), satellite reconnaissance (homeland security), and long-distance ground and cellular telephonic networks.

The results of the Teng-Man test will validate the performance profile of PSI-TEC's recently developed material. This confirmation will indicate the ability of PSI-TEC's technological approach to compete with existing electro- optic technologies that drive all current fiber-optic telecommunication traffic.

The success of PSI-TEC's recently developed materials has the potential to create faster, cheaper Internet for more diverse populations across the globe. Successful electro-optic plastics will permit the fabrication of less expensive, more versatile devices for application within existing high-speed information networks as well as overcome the now-critical technological hurdles in the development of the ultra-faster telecommunication systems of the future.

"Our corporate goal is to make better technology for faster, cheaper broadband for everyone," said Mr. Goetz.

Dr. Teng developed his now-standard analytical technique over a decade ago at Hoechst Celanese, now Celanese Corporation, which was one of the early frontrunners in electro-optic plastic development. Other early investors in this area of technology include: Lockheed Martin, IBM, 3M, DuPont, and Corning.


PSI-TEC Corporation is a developmental stage company that engineers next-generation, electro-optic (EO) plastics for future applications vital to modern commerce, homeland security, and medical technology. PSI-TEC's proprietary electro-optic plastics are produced at the molecular level for superior performance, stability and cost-efficiency and are expected to replace more expensive, lower-performance materials used in fiber-optic ground, wireless and satellite communication networks.

Other companies developing similar technologies include LUMERA CORPORATION; JDS UNIPHASE CORPORATION; and NORTEL NETWORKS CORP.

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Date:Apr 20, 2005
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