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PSE Dream Season RDX 365.

PSE has revamped its crossbow line for 2015 with three new models: the Vector 310 for smaller shooters, the wallet-saving Fang and the accuracy-focused RDX 365.

The RDX 365 features an extruded aluminum rail, composite stock, pistol grip, skeletonized structure, reverse draw cam system and much more.


The integrated stock and forearm couple a skeletonized (open format with less material) structure and composite-reinforced polymer material to keep unnecessary weight off the rig, which enhances maneuverability and reduces shooter fatigue. A pistol grip offers excellent control, while soft-touch, overmolded strips are set into shallow cutouts on the cheek pad and pistol grip. A thicker section of the material is ribbed and attached to the butt plate to act as the recoil pad. Keeping your thumb and fingers below the flight deck is a primary safety concern with crossbows, so PSE made the foregrip large and open so the shooter's fingers will naturally want to wrap around and through the grip rather than reach up toward the rail. A. set of "reminder" strips are glued above the foregrip and just under the rail for added safety. Two screws anchor the rail into a molded channel that spans over 16 inches of the integrated stock and forearm. Shooters have a choice of either Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo or PSE Skullworks film-dipped finishes.

Rail and Trigger

The extruded aluminum rail is a hardy component that serves as the bridge between the bow assembly and the stock. It's also home to the trigger housing and bullpup-style (action behind the trigger) parallel linkage trigger, which features Metal Injection Molded (MIM) components and an advertised pull of 3 pounds. When cocked, the trigger's safety automatically engages to provide instant safety along with the anti-dry fire mechanism that will not allow the string to move forward until a bolt is loaded. A machined Picatinny scope-mounting rail is attached to the top of the trigger housing. A slot measuring just more than eight inches is built into the other end of the rail to accept the eccentric system's cables. The rail has many cutouts to reduce weight where possible and is black anodized.

Bow Assembly

The part of the RDX 365 that acts as the bow is built on a machined aluminum riser, which is finished to match the integrated stock. A set of familiar limb pockets align the riser and X-Tech split limbs, which are made out of industry standard Gordon Composites fiberglass material. The Reverse Draw Dual Cam system serves as the RDX's engine. In this configuration, the string spans the cams on the riser side and when drawn rotates the cams inward rather than the typical outward motion. This adds length to the power stroke and in turn increases speed. The cocking stirrup and dual string stops are also attached to the riser.

Accessories included with a RDX 365 package are String Stops, a 3x32 Scope with illuminated reticles, a 5-Bolt Quiver, three Charger carbon bolts, three 85-grain Bullet points, sling, cocking rope, rail lube and a foot stirrup.

At the Range

The RDX 365 proved accurate with a 3-shot group measuring a tight 0.5-inch average at 20 yards. Drawing the 165 pounds to cock the rig was not a problem with the provided rope cocking device. While there are smaller and lighter crossbows, the RDX is certainly maneuverable. If I were to add anything to the bow it would be a larger flare in place of the reminder strips above the fore-grip for safety. I am a big fan of pistol grips and like the added touch of the overmolded comfort strips. Recorded speeds were exactly where you would expect for an advertised rating of 365. Some bigger shooters may find the length of pull a little short, but it is manageable and a good fit for those of us not looking for a spot on an NBA team. The bottom line is that this rig will get the job done--and do it at a price that is easy on your budget.


Manufacturer: PSE Archery, 520-884-9065;

Model: Dream Season BOX 365

Safety Features: Auto-set safety, Anti-dry fire mechanism, oversized foregrip

Riser: CNG Machined Aluminum

Cam System: Reverse Draw Dual Cam

Overall Advertised Width: 20 inches uncocked, 15.75 inches cocked

String: 452X, 33.125 inches

Cables: 452X, 22.125 inches

Limbs: X-Tech Crossbow Split Limbs

Draw Weight: 165 pounds

Power Stroke: 14.5 inches

Stock: Injection-molded composite reinforced polymer

Grip: Pistol grip with soft-touch overmold

Forearm: Oversized, injection-molded composite reinforced polymer

Overall Length: 37.125 inches with stirrup

Advertised Weight: 7.6 pounds (advertised); 7.65 pounds (as tested)

Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or PSE Skullworks

Advertised Speed: 355-365 fps with 400-grain bolt

Suggested Retail Price: $699

Comments: Comfortable, fast and easy to use.


                  BOLT       KINETIC
                  SPEED      ENERGY

393-GRAIN        373 fps      121.4
BOLT (PSE)                 foot-pounds

420-GRAIN BOLT   362 fps      122.2

500-GRAIN BOLT   339 fps      127.6

BOWHUNTING Test Measurements:

Maximum Width: 23.375 inches (at rest), 17.75 inches (cocked)

Maximum Length: 37.125 inches

Mass Weight: 7.65 pounds (bare) and 9.4 pounds (with accessories)

Average Trigger Pull: 4 pounds

Length of Puli: 13.5 inches

Maximum Shot Deviation at 35 Yards: .75 inch
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