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PSA Groupe - PSA Retail opens two Opel points of sale in Cologne, a German first, as part of a wider European strategy -- 4/7/2019.

PSA Retail, the distribution subsidiary of Groupe PSA, is opening one new Opel site in Cologne today, namely at Raderberggurtel, and will open a second outlet on the Widdersdorfer Strasse.

With the Raderberggurtel site, PSA Retail will close a former gap for the Opel brand in the Cologne area.

The installation of PSA Retail in Cologne is part of a wider move by the Groupe PSA subsidiary to fulfil its ambition of quickly entering into the circle of the top five distributors of the brand with the lightning-bolt badge in Europe and to contribute to the continued success of the PACE! plan.

To succeed in achieving this ambitious goal, the German market is key. With this in view, the German-first Opel-PSA Retail opening embeds itself in a wider Opel brand, European Business Development strategy, of PSA Retail.

Two well-situated outlets to serve Opel customers in Cologne

The two new sites, ideally situated in the south and west of the city, will deliver the full range of services, including new and used car sales along with after-sales services for Cologne-based Opel customers.

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Date:Jul 16, 2019
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