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PS800 charity shop find handed back.

Byline: Will Metcalfe Reporter

A WOMAN who could have lost hundreds of pounds after donating a folder stuffed with cash to a charity shop has thanked an unknown couple for their honesty.

Jordanne Richardson had donated the plastic folder to Sue Ryder's Killingworth charity shop following the death of her grandmother.

An unassuming couple spotted the bargain in early June and bought the folder - only to discover PS800 in cash stashed inside.

Tracey Woods, the manager on duty, managed to trace Miss Richardson through her gift aid receipt and now is trying to trace the couple to pass on a small thank you gift.

Mrs Woods, assistant shop manager, said: "The couple returned to the shop quite bewildered with the unusual find of around PS800, which was concealed inside the file.

"I couldn't believe it but I was so pleased we have such honest customers.

"We contacted the original donor, Jordanne Richardson, thanks to the information she left on her Gift Aid form. Jordanne was so thrilled and touched by the act of kindness she left a card and small gift for the couple as a huge thank you."

Miss Richardson said: "Since my grandmother's sad death we have been going through her possessions, and getting her house in order.

"This isn't the first time we've found errant cash hidden around my grandmother's house but I never expected her to hide so much money in a new box of plastic files, it looked unopened.

"We are so very thankful to the couple who returned the money, as the recovered money will go to help pay for my grandfather's care as he now lives in a care home."

Mrs Woods added: "Whilst we cannot guarantee that hundreds of pounds will be stashed in any of our other products, we can guarantee some great bargains and hope we carry on attracting such wonderful customers."


Store manager Sharon Hall, at the Sue Ryder shop, in Killingworth Shopping Centre

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2015
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