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PS5,549 on a hen do.. for a DOG! Barking mad owner says only best for canine world's Kardashians; Who knows how much the 'wedding' will cost.

Byline: EXCLUSIVE by Boudicca Fox-Leonard

LIVING it up in a pink limo and dressed in their sparkliest outfits, it's your typical hen party for Chi Chi and her closest mates.

But these are no ordinary hens... and the marriage will be no ordinary one. Chi Chi is a dog, as is her groom-to-be.

Mother-of-the-bride Helen Turner is the barking mad owner who spent PS5,549 on her chihuahua's hen.

From a bespoke PS100 dress, smoked salmon canapes, a Butler in the Buff and a "furjazzle", Chi Chi saw off last days of freedom in style last week, thanks to her doting "mum".

"A girl's hen do is a chance to get together with her closest friends, so why should it be any different for Chi Chi? We're only going to do this the once," says 43-year-old Helen, without an ounce of irony. "Once they're married that's it. It's for ever, so we had to do it properly."

And the lucky groom? Harvey, a handsome fouryear-old Pomeranian she met at a dog show. Natch!

Helen, who runs the Short Dog 'n' Sides dog salon in Barnoldswick, Lancs, says: "Chi Chi and Harvey adore each other. She's a soppy dog and they've got an amazing relationship."

Harvey and threeyear-old Chi Chi are both show dogs and dog models who appear in TOP DOG: Groom TV adverts. They met in Essex two years ago.

"They just loved each other from the beginning," Helen adds. "People don't realise it but dogs have lots of emotion and affection. They form solid bonds. Harvey and Chi Chi are showoffs. They're a glam couple. They're the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West of the canine world."

With Chi Chi in Lancashire and Harvey 100 miles away in Bournemouth, Dorset, the pair Skype on a Sunday for 10 minutes.

"They do a lot of woofing. I do think she misses him," Helen adds.

"It felt like the natural next step for Harvey met them to get married and make it official."

While no rings were exchanged, Helen was not about to let Chi Chi miss out and enlisted the help of dog party organiser Louise Harris.

Helen says: "I like throwing parties. Your social life is very different when you've got a dog.

PSTransformation shop decoration "It's also away of getting doggy owner friends together.

"The theme was pink princess. We hired a pink limousine for PS300 and it all spiralled from there."

The guest list featured Chi Chi's closest pals, who all got the Wag treatment. They include Yoshi, a Chinese crested powder puff; Princess Talulah, a Llasa apso; and Daisy a King Charles spaniel. Miniature poodle Princess Peggy is Chi Chi's maid of honour. Unlike some lairy hens, Chi Chi and her girls were very ladylike, says Helen.

"It was really nice. They were all wagging their tails. It was like a party bus."

On arrival at Helen's doggy grooming parlour, which she spent PS400 decorating, heart-shaped canapes with smoked salmon or tuna were served by hostesses dressed as pink flamingos.

400 in and "We spent PS375 on the food and they wolfed them down. They didn't last a minute," says Helen.

Harvey made a special appearance at the start. "She was so pleased to see him. He was wearing a tux and bow tie.

"Whenever he sees her Harvey gets excited and wags his tail like crazy. He does a little bow down to her." Harvey was sent to a cafe while the guests were served three wedding cakes baked by a dog-friendly bakery in Suffolk, costing PS300.

Helen adds: "They're healthy for dogs. There's no sugar or salt in them.

PSProfessional photographer photoshoot "We wouldn't give them chocolate cake, that would upset their tummies."

And Cheesy tunes pumped out of the stereo. Helen says: "They were all proper hen night tracks like I Will Survive and It's Raining Men. Chi Chi loves music. She's a little twirler. Everyone was dancing."

But one of the over-excited hens had an accident. "It was dealt with discreetly," says Helen, giving no names. The event was meticulously planned at a cost of PS2,000. "People don't realise that you need to make sure there are places for the dogs to go to the toilet.

"They need fresh drinking water available and you have to risk assess the place. You can't have open doors for the dogs to get out into the street through.

250 "We also paid for all Chi Chi's guests' travel and accommodation, which came to PS1,374. She's very generous, when someone else is paying," laughs Helen.

for The PS200 butler fed the partying pooches pink bone biscuits.

"He loved it," Helen adds. "He said they were much better behaved than the usual hens he meets.

"He did hold onto his dangly bits though. He said he had to try to keep his family jewels safe."

There was pampering too for the dogs, from pink hair extensions to furjazzles - similar to those popularised by reality show TOWIE.

Chi Chi had diamantes and a love heart on her bottom, her nails painted pink and a bindi on her forehead.

The others had pink hair extensions, a pink tail and ears. Daisy had an organic cucumber face-pack, which she tried to lick off.

Helen had also hired a professional photographer for PS250.

"Chi Chi is known for her modelling. But all her friends got a chance to be a VIP pooch for the day once they'd had their treatments. We had all these sparkly collars and they each had their pictures taken on a pink four poster bed."

A magician entertained the pooches for free. "They all watched his card tricks, looking totally baffled," laughs Helen.

A best-dressed hen prize was awarded to Princess Peggy, VIP POOCH: sporting a big pink tutu and a big glittery bow. All the hens got edible cards, saying "Chi Chi's Hen", as goodbye gifts - costing PS100.

Helen adds: "Chi Chi loved it all but she was zonked afterwards. She slept for ages."

The wedding is on September 26 next year and Harvey's stag still needs to be organised. Helen laughs: "Maybe they'll have some lap dancers!" "But don't worry. He just looks, he doesn't touch. He's not unfaithful. Chi Chi and Harvey really love each other."

While being apart can be tough, Helen says the dogs see each other at shows. "Both she and Harvey have won countless trophies and rosettes for best in show. They're truly a golden couple."

However, they are not physical. "It's not consummated," says Helen.

"That's my little girl!" Harvey's owner, doesn't want to be named because of her job, says: "Harvey was thrilled to see his future wife at her hen party, even if only for a brief time.

"We are so excited to start planning the wedding and buying hats. It's going to be most wooftastic nuptials ever."

Helen added: "While Harvey and Chi Chi's pups would be beautiful, it's not possible."

We assume one is neutered! While marrying our beloved pets to each other might sound crazy, Louise says it's a growing trend.

"In America it's such a big thing and it's starting to happen over here. I think it's set to be a big thing."

Helen says: "I'm soooo excited for the wedding.

"We have already decided that it should be a really fun day that will include dog caterers, dog agility, dog dancing and fancy dress. It will be a wedding like no other." Visit Helen's website at PS1,374 travel costs and 4-star accommodation PS150 staff attire including sashes human and canine canapes with dog-friendly drink and desserts PS375

PS400 Transformation in shop and decoration PS250 Professional photographer for photoshoot PS2,000 Party planning and onsite management


TOP DOG: Groom Harvey met Chi Chi at start of the party

VIP POOCH: Bride Chi Chi

WOOFTASTIC: Chi Chi, top, with owner Helen Turner, Harvey and a party staff member, cakes, a magician and lots of fun


WAG TREATMENT: The hens arrive in their pink limo for a cucumber face pack, pink fur decorations and new outfits
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2015
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