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PS43 theft causes PS581k rail costs; UK BULLETINS.

TWO metal thieves caused more than half-a-million pounds worth of disruption when they stole PS43 worth of cabling, British Transport Police have said.

Richard Yates, 26, and Dean March, 42, of Boughton, Nottinghamshire, stole 80 metres of signalling cable from the East Coast Mainline near Retford on April 12.

Yates was arrested a day after the theft while weighing in stolen cable at a local metal dealer for which he received PS43.45.

Yates pleaded guilty to theft and was sentenced to 26 months in prison at Nottingham Crown Court while March also pleaded guilty and received a 36-month sentence, officers said.

Officers said the theft caused "huge disruption" to mainline services and affected about 130 trains and cost the rail industry more than PS581,000.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 24, 2015
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