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PS2 is only limit that will work.

Byline: Carolyn Harris MP Chairwoman of All Party Parliamentary Group on FOBTS

I'M confident Tracey Crouch has listened to the arguments and I know she will work hard to make sure the stake reduction is to PS2. When we hear the full context of the review, the APPG we will be pushing hard to make sure that is the most favoured level.

If at the end of this process it's not that low then the APPG will continue the fight.

Because until we see PS2, we are not going to see any improvement in FOBTs being neutralised.

The testimony we heard overwhelmingly led us to believe it should be that purely on a precautionary basis.

The plan for us moving forward is that, once the review is published, we'll be taking further evidence from people working with the problems and consequences of these machines.

Harrowing And we'll be seeking their support to build a cast iron case for the review, making the point that for the Government PS2 is the only option.

What the Government loses in tax revenue it will gain in savings to antisocial behaviour, mental health and the NHS.

The testimony has been harrowing. There is no justification for people feeling the only option left to them is to take their own lives. These machines have taken their dignity. They are lost in this addiction - like a drug addict or alcholic.

Those two addictions are - quite rightly - things the Government has taken action on. Now it's time to do the same for people who are struggling with a gambling problem.



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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 29, 2017
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