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PS13k compo for preacher in gay arrest.


A PREACHER has won PS13,000 compensation after his arrest for quoting the Bible at two gay teenagers.

The youths asked John Craven, 57, for his views as he stood on his soapbox.

When they kissed in front of him he quoted Revelations Chapter 21 verse 8. It states "cowardly sinners" will end up in "the lake that burns with fire".

The teens complained to a policeman who arrested catering boss Mr Craven.

He was held 19 hours, saying he was denied food and water, then freed without charge over the Salford incident. He claimed damages under a Human Right to "manifest his religion".

Greater Manchester Police settled out of court admitting their "mistake". Mr Craven said: "People cannot change the word of God to suit their lifestyle."


SOAPBOX John Craven
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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