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PS11bn gold ship found.

Byline: Karen Rockett

THE wreck of a Spanish galleon laden with billions of pounds-worth of treasure that sank more than 300 years ago has been found.

The San Jose has been described as the holy grail of shipwrecks, carrying one of the largest amounts of gold, silver and gems ever lost at sea.

The vessel blew up while under attack from British warships outside Cartagena in Colombia, South America, in June 1708.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos tweeted on Friday: "Great news! We have found the San Jose galleon."

A US court ruled four years ago the ship's treasure, estimated to be worth between PS2.6bn-PS11bn, will belong to Colombia despite claims by an American salvage company.


LOCATED: Galleon cargo

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Geographic Code:3COLO
Date:Dec 6, 2015
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