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PS100m plan won't end homelessness.

THE homeless, like the poor, are always with us. There will always be somebody who can't get a roof over their head.

An estimated 200-plus men and women sleep rough every night in Yorkshire, and more are in temporary shelters.

The government has announced plans to spend PS100 million nationally to end rough sleeping by 2027, though none of this is new money.

What's national strategy the main charities.

And despite being a 10-year programme, it's an over-ambitious target that can never be met.

Paul Divorce, redundancy, family breakdown, landlord abuse, mental ill-health and the desperate urge to "get away from things" will continue to drive men and women from their homes.

This is not a counsel of despair, just a statement of fact.

missing is a housing endorsed by all parties and Obviously, most do not want to live on the streets, but compulsion has no place here. The authorities can't go round at night dragging bodies out of shop doorways by force. What's missing is a national housing strategy, endorsed by all the main parties and charities, to provide homes for people, not bumper profits for builders. At the heart of this issue is the dire shortage of social housing, exacerbated Routledge by a government that claims it is trying to help.

Under Right-To-Buy, these properties are being sold off below market price, four times faster than they can be replaced. Up to 90,000 new social homes are needed annually. Last year, the government built 6,000.

Housebuilding has yet to reach pre-recession levels in two-thirds of Yorkshire.

Ministers yesterday published "a new deal" for tenants in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy. But it's only a long-delayed consultative Green Paper, and it will not build a single new home for rent to people on low incomes.

Housing campaigners welcomed the policy as a step in the right direction, but condemned it as weak, disappointing and a lost opportunity. It's more than that: criminal political negligence sounds about right.

What's missing is a national housing strategy endorsed by all the main parties and charities. Paul Routledge

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Aug 15, 2018
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