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Articles from PS: Political Science & Politics (December 1, 2000)

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Title Author Type Words
"Technicism" Supplanting Disciplinarity among Political Scientists. 1070
A Gift of Knowledge. Brief Article 158
A Look Back: 2000 IPSA World Congress. Brief Article 513
Active Engagement of the Intro IR Student: A Simulation Approach. Newmann, William W.; Twigg, Judyth L. 7327
American Political Science Review Editor's Report for 1999-2000. Finifter, Ada W. Statistical Data Included 4619
An Alternative End-of-Semester Questionnaire. Snare, Charles E. 2232
An Open Letter to the APSA Leadership and Members. 1843
An Update on the Status of Latinos y Latinas in Political Science: What the Profession Should Be Doing. Mantinez-Ebers, Valerie; Avalos, Manuel; Hardy-Fanta, Carol; Lopez, Linda; Segura, Gary; Schmidt Sr. 4126
APSA 2000. 9001
APSA Participates in Decade of Behavior. Brief Article 295
APSR a Reflection of Its Submissions for Better and Worse. Brief Article 637
Attention to Process Blinds Political Scientists to Real Causes of World Problems. Brief Article 775
Building Resources Abroad. Brief Article 183
Carey McWilliams Award ($500). Brief Article 246
Comparative Politics. Brief Article 248
Congressional Committee Simulation: An Active Learning Experiment. Ciliotta-Rubery, Andrea; Levy, Dena 4067
Congressional Fellowship Alumni Gather to Honor Lee Hamilton. Brief Article 934
CORRECTION. Correction Notice 112
Discipline out of Touch with Real-World Concerns. Brief Article 447
Draft Minutes APSA Council Meeting. 6522
Duh, or the Role of IT in Teaching Comparative Politics. Hauss, Charles 1034
E.E. Schattschneider Award ($500). Brief Article 312
Editor's Note. Brief Article 452
Edward S. Corwin Award ($500). Brief Article 526
eJobs: Developing a Year-Round Electronic Job Placement Service. Brief Article 441
Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior. Brief Article 155
Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations. Brief Article 136
Follow Ups. Brief Article 125
Foundations of Political Theory. Brief Article 120
Franklin L. Burdette Pi Sigma Alpha Award ($500). Brief Article 460
Gabriel A. Almond Award ($500). Brief Article 209
Gladys M. Kammerer Award ($1000). Brief Article 262
Harold D. Lasswell Award ($500). Brief Article 481
Heinz Eulau Award ($500). Brief Article 237
Helen Dwight Reid Award ($500). Brief Article 388
History, Myth Making, and Statistics: A Short Story about the Reapportionment of Congress and the 1990 Census. Anderson, Margo; Fienberg, Stephen E. 6035
How Congress Does the Difficult. Waldman, Sidney 5137
Hubert H. Humphrey Award ($500). Brief Article 421
Ideas for Reforming APSA Officer Elections. Brief Article 245
Information Technology and Politics. Brief Article 137
Innovative Teaching in Political Science: 2000 Rowman & Littlefield Award Winner Mark A. Boyer. 726
International History and Politics. Brief Article 134
Introducing MyAPSA for Departments. Brief Article 320
It's a Small World: Incorporating Service Learning into International Relations Courses [*]. Patterson, Amy S. 4643
John Gaus Award ($1500). Brief Article 524
Law and Courts. Brief Article 300
Lawsuit Filed to Intimidate Researchers. Brief Article 739
Legislative Studies. Brief Article 131
Leo Strauss Award ($500). Brief Article 578
Leonard D. White Award ($500). Brief Article 362
Making Sense of the Census: It's Political. Brunell, Thomas L. 1883
Minority Identification Project Goes Online. Brief Article 374
More Meaningful Analysis of Civic Education Is Needed. 1159
Participation by Women in the 2000 APSA Meeting. Gruberg, Martin Statistical Data Included 1114
Partisan Politics at Work: Sampling and the 2000 Census. Anderson, Margo; Fienberg, Stephen E. 4226
Planning Our Future: The Report of the American Political Science Association's Strategic Planning Commitee. 13251
Political Communication. Brief Article 111
Political Organizations and Parties. Brief Article 108
Political Science at the NSF: The Report of a Committee of the American Political Science Association. Davenport, Christian; Golden, Miriam; Lupia, Arthur; Sigelman, Lee; Sorauf, Frank; Walt, Stephen; We 2777
Politics and History. Brief Article 134
Presidency Research. Brief Article 160
Priorities of NEH Questioned by Scholars. Brief Article 180
Public Administration in Today's World of Organizations and Markets. Simon, Herbert Alexander 5701
Race, Ethnicity and Politics. Brief Article 271
Ralph Bunche Award ($500). Brief Article 322
Rejoinder to Anderson and Fienberg. Brunell, Thomas L. 1411
Representation and Electoral Systems. Brief Article 109
Rethink APSR Review Policy. 1408
Simulating Issue Networks in Small Classes Using the World Wide Web [*]. Josefson, Jim; Casey, Kelly 2908
Some Further Sources on Nonviolence as Strategy and Philosophy. Brief Article 255
Take the Plunge: A Plea for, and Advice on, Entering University Administration [*]. Waltzer, Herbert 4395
Taking Ontology Seriously in Political Science and Political Theory: A Reply to Mayhew [*]. 1686
The Census Count: Who Counts? How Do We Count? When Do We Count? Billard, Lynne Statistical Data Included 6091
Treasurer's Report. Stimson, James A. Statistical Data Included 2929
Two Types of Procedural Dissatisfaction with Institutions: Lessons from Faculty Senate Reform [*]. Lascher Jr., Edward L. 2808
Urban Politics. Brief Article 138
Using Statistical Sampling to Estimate the U.S. Population: The Methodological and Political Debate over Census 2000 [*]. Brunell, Thomas L. 6330
Victoria Schuck Award ($500). Brief Article 381
Virtual Field Trips: Bringing College Students and Policymakers Together through Interactive Technology. Box-Steffensmeier, Janet M.; Grant, J. Tobin; Meinke, Scott R.; Tomlinson, Andrew R. 4600
What I Wish Political Scientists Would Teach about Congress. Hamilton, Lee 5106
William Anderson Award ($500). Brief Article 311
Woodrow Wilson Center Names Fellows for 2000-01. 220
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award ($5000). Brief Article 473

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