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 WESTBOROUGH, Mass., Oct. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Proteon, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON), building on a decade of experience in the Token Ring networking marketplace, today announced the ProNET-4/16 Plus Series of Token Ring adapter cards, the first full line of adapters in the industry to use Texas Instruments' new PacketBlaster chip. The new cards, marketed by the LAN Products Division, will be unveiled at NetWorld 93, Dallas, Oct. 5-7, Booth No. 1468.
 The ProNET-4/16 Plus Series, a completely new line of adapters using second generation technology, gives users two major performance boosts. All models in the new line include a socket for the Texas Instruments PacketBlaster chip option. Cards utilizing this technology will provide users with up to a 102 percent boost in performance over previous products. The cards also include new versions of Proteon's RapiDriver software that increased the performance of ProNET-4/16 Plus adapters up to 24 percent -- even without the PacketBlaster option.
 The Plus Series features models for all popular personal computer bus types, including industry Standard Architecture (ISA), Extended Industry Standard Architecture (EISA), and MicroChannel Architecture (MCA). The new adapters are fully compatible with the hundreds of thousands of earlier ProNET-4/16 models now operating in production systems around the world.
 The powerful PacketBlaster chip couples with TI's TMS380C26 SuperEagle chip to increase performance in network servers and for high bandwidth applications like integrated imaging. The PacketBlaster device, which approaches maximum network bandwidth, accelerates small- packet transmit and receive rates to greater than 28,000 packets per second when integrated with TI's SuperEagle.
 "Through extensive beta testing in a Windows NT environment, we found Proteon's new ProNET-4/16 plus adapter cards to be extremely easy to install and maintain while achieving high performance and reliability," said Greg Eden, network manager, Dominion Directory Company, British Columbia, Canada. "Proteon takes the risk out of purchasing Token Ring adapter cards by delivering these exceptional features at a very competitive price with a lifetime warranty and interoperability guarantee," Eden concluded.
 Five Important New Plus Series Features
 The ProNET-4/16 Plus Series comes with all of the standard features of Proteon's preceding Token Ring adapters including the broadest driver support for popular network operating systems available in the industry; Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) and Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) media connections; software configurability; and a flash boot memory option. New features in the Plus Series include:
 -- The PacketBlaster option that enables the Plus Series to outperform any competing adapter in its class. The chip implements certain packet processing tasks in hardware instead of software code. The chip is a simple field upgrade option.
 -- Enhanced Proteon RapiDriver software combines with the PacketBlaster option to boost performance up to 102 percent;
 -- Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) and hybrid circuit technologies to increase reliability and reduce the physical size of the adapter. The new models are all one-half size adapters that come with a lifetime warranty;
 -- The ProNET-4/16 Plus model for EISA bus PCs has a flash boot memory option that supports diskless workstation applications. The MCA bus model also features a new 32-bit MicroChannel address bus interface that improves performance in servers with more than 16 MBytes of main memory.
 -- All new models come with two LEDs mounted on the adapter bracket to aid with installation and troubleshooting. Visible outside the PC, these LEDs indicate ring insertion and ring activity.
 57-Year Mean Time Between Failure
 Carl Blume, Proteon senior product marketing manager, LAN Products Division, said the Plus Series cards are designed "to last a lifetime." He said, "Our research has shown that reliability is the most important product attribute for adapter purchasers. Token Ring customers are typically IBM shops implementing mission-critical network applications. These customers demand highly reliable products. We deliver that reliability."
 The ProNET-4/16 family has demonstrated a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of more than 500,000 hours, or 57 years of continous operation. All the Plus Series adapters have a lifetime warranty, are designed with advanced technology such as Surface Mounted Technology components, have high levels of integration, and a reduced number of switches (ISA model).
 Plus Series adapters also come with an interoperability guarantee. Proteon offers the broadest suite of certified compatible software drivers in the industry. Its RapiDrivers are included as a standard feature inside leading network operating system software such as Novell NetWare 4.0, Banyan VINES and Microsoft Windows NT. Proteon's adapters have achieved interoperability certification with popular third-party intelligent hub products in recent testing at the Token Ring Interoperability Lab (TRIL), Santa Clara, Calif.
 Pricing and Availability
 The p1392plus for ISA bus types is available immediately. List price for single unit sales is $665. The p1990plus for EISA ships in November with a single unit price of $750. The p1892plus MCA adapter, single unit price $665, will ship in December of this year. PacketBlaster chips will be available in first quarter 1994 at a list price of $95 each. Discounted prices for 10- and 30-packs are also available for all models.
 Proteon has been shipping Token Ring adapter cards longer than any other vendor, with more than 500,000 cards now installed around the world. Proteon's adapter cards have consistently outperformed the competition and received numerous industry awards. In July, Proteon's ISA adapter earned a "Recommended Product" seal in a lab test by "InfoWorld" magazine. Earlier this year, the company's MCA adapter card won a "Tester's Choice" award from "Data Communications" magazine.
 The ProNET-4/16 Plus Series is designed for IBM compatible, 4/16 Mbps Token Ring applications. Together with Proteon Series 70 Intelligent Wire Center, The LAN Products Division offers a full range of Token Ring products that connect all types of PCs and servers into a single, high performance network. These products are sold and serviced by VARs, distributors and OEMs worldwide.
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 /CONTACT: Joe Grillo or Karin Bakis of Proteon, 508-898-2800; or David Copithorne and David Kitchen of Copithorne & Bellows, 617-252-0606, for Proteon/

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