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New Functionality For ProNET/E p8900 Provides Top Performance With
 Widest Range of High-Speed Interface Choices

WESTBORO, Mass., March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Proteon, Inc. (Nasdaq: PTON) moving aggressively to broaden its portfolio of leading edge, high-speed connectivity products, today announced 100 Base VG-AnyLAN and 100 Base-T (Fast Ethernet) options for its 16-port Series 80 p8900 Ethernet Switching Hub. The p8900, which is already available with an FDDI option, becomes one of the first products in the industry to provide users with multiple high-speed interface choices.

With the addition of 100 Base VG-AnyLAN and 100 Base-T high-speed interface modules, there are now three local area networking options that can be installed in the p8900 switch. All three options can be installed in any combination. The 100 Base VG-AnyLAN product complies with all current standards and the 100 Base-T product is completely compatible with the 10 Base-T standard that is commonly found in networks around the world.

By offering two new high-speed options, Proteon is also reinforcing its commitment to provide a full range of solutions to the client/server connectivity marketplace. The p8900 is part of Proteon's new ProNET/E family of Ethernet products that includes a suite of personal computer network adapters, intelligent hubs and switching hubs. The ProNET/E products provide a cost effective solution for building PC LAN workgroups and segmenting these workgroups into high performance manageable networks.

The "Fast Ethernet" market, which reflects both the 100 Base VG- AnyLAN and 100 Base-T technologies, is currently experiencing rapid growth. International Data Corporation, Framingham, Mass., a leading market research firm, predicts that the switched LAN market will reach approximately $597 million by year's end, and grow to more than $1 billion by 1997. IDC says applications that are driving these higher- bandwidth needs include graphics, client/server based software, multimedia, and real-time interactive tools.

Bob Bradley, Proteon director of LAN product marketing, said, "Several months ago, Proteon announced its intention to offer a line of Ethernet products that would bring a full range of solutions to the client/server marketplace. With these two new options, Proteon is continuing to deliver on that promise. With this technology, Proteon uses can now install the higher-speed interface modules that connect the switch to backbone LANs or directly to a high-speed server system. As 1995 unfolds, we will continue to enhance our switching product portfolio, and in early 1996, include connectivity for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks."

Product Details, Pricing and Availability

The p8920-HA is a single port 100 Base VG-AnyLAN interface module for the p8900 switch. It permits 100 Mbps communications over four pair Category 3, Category 4 or Category 5 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. The module is fully compliant with IEEE 802.1d that allows frame forwarding over any of the 10 Base-T ports, as well as over other high speed options such as FDDI. Connections are made via a single RJ-45 panel connector. The 100 Base VG-AnyLAN module will be available in May with a suggested retail price of $2,995.

Proteon's 100 Base-Tx interface module, the p8930-HA, is also a single port device that operates at 10 times the speed of standard Ethernet. It permits 100Mbps communications over two pair Category 5 UTP cable. The p8930-HA is fully compliant with IEEE 802.1d. Similar to the 100 Base VG-AnyLAN module, the p8930-HA allows frame forwarding over any of the 10 Base-T ports as well as other high speed options. The 100 Base Tx product will be available in June with a suggested retail price of $2,995.

Proteon's Ethernet switching products can dramatically improve a network's performance without changing the existing LAN infrastructure. They help reduce traffic congestion on the LAN backbone, speed up user access to LAN servers, cost-effectively increase bandwidth, and support collapsed backbone applications. Users can install these switches while preserving their existing investments in Ethernet applications, adapters, software drivers, and cabling.

The p8900 is a scalable switch that is ideal for departmental or enterprise applications. The unit's high-performance ports are particularly useful in providing a bigger "pipe" (100 Mbps) for demanding client/server traffic. Unlike other less-functional switching methods, the p8900 sends frames using store-and-forward technology. This technology maximizes utilization because only reliable data is transmitted across the network. Store-and-forward technology is also the only method that can fully support switching between differing frame formats.

Proteon's p8900 Ethernet switch can be managed in a variety of ways. Each switch comes with an SNMP agent that includes standards-compliant Ethernet, bridging and MIB extensions. The SNMP agent collects network management information which can then be displayed by third party management stations such as Hewlett-Packard's OpenView and IBM's NetVIEW/6000. The switch can be managed locally through a console port, or remotely through Telnet.

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