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 ATLANTA, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Starforce International Inc., an Atlanta-based record/entertainment company has announced phase one of a project entitled "Holistis," which has been formed to support the reform of cannabis laws in the United States.
 Holistis said its ultimate goal is to increase public awareness of the financial benefits made possible by collecting taxes on a substance that is currently being used by millions of Americans. Supporters hope that the increased awareness will create a public groundswell that will culminate in a national referendum that would, in turn, divert profits from the underground economy to programs designed for the common good, such as health care.
 In support of the Holistis project, Starforce plans to release a single entitled "The weed can pay (for the medicine)," recorded by entertainer/Holistis spokesperson Kenny Ketcham, co-written and produced by guitarist David Palmer. A video is tentatively scheduled to follow. The single will be the theme song of a CD compilation of "Holistis" for which Starforce is currently accepting submissions of original artist demos, songwriter demos, and artwork (rough drafts) for the album cover. Ten to 15 selections and cover art will be chosen, with the album release date to be spring '94. A possible concert tour in support of the album and project is being considered. A portion of the proceeds from album sales will be donated to The Cannabis Action Network (C.A.N.) of Berkeley, Calif. An additional recipient being considered for donation is the Washington, D.C.-based N.O.R.M.L. (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Holistis is intended to be a grassroots project that will give artists from across the country an opportunity for exposure and a unique way to become involved in a cause.
 Spearheading the project for Starforce International is company President Michael L. Sullivan, a 20-year entertainment business veteran. Sullivan has held executive positions with Capitol/EMI and Kat Family/CBS Records, a maverick in the business.
 Sullivan's credits include a tremendous array of projects such as the Bertie Higgins number-one single "Key Largo," a song that broke "Billboard's" records by charting for an amazing 51 weeks. Sullivan is also known for concert promotion, artist management and the TV special, "All American Cowboy Special," starring Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Gene Autry and an extensive cast of recording and film stars.
 Artists wishing to submit material can send original artwork (rough drafts), artist demos (with original songs) or songwriter demos for non- performing writers. Songs need not be theme-oriented. Anyone wishing to be included in album liner notes (which will also serve as a petition) may also send donations in the amount of their choice. All artist submissions must include a bio, photo, and a $20 processing fee (check or money order payable to Starforce International).
 Deadline for all submissions: April 1, 1994.
 Forward to:
 Holistis Project
 P.O. Box 542405
 Merritt Island, FL 32954
 For information call 407-453-2916.
 -0- 10/29/93
 /NOTE TO EDITOR: Media/agents for interviews, bookings of project spokespersons or for requests of promo copy (unplugged version) of "The weed can pay (for the medicine)" single, call 407-453-2916./
 /CONTACT: Kenny Ketcham of Starforce International, 407-454-1824/

CO: Starforce International, Inc. ST: Florida, Georgia IN: ENT SU:

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Date:Oct 29, 1993

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