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    MILLWOOD, Va., Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Project HOPE's longstanding commitment in the People's Republic of China to improve health conditions through educational and facility development programs has culminated in the largest cooperative agreement with the Chinese in Project HOPE's history.  Project HOPE Founder William B. Walsh, M.D., and Dr. Wang Yi Fei, president of Shanghai Second Medical University, announced today their agreement to develop a modern new pediatric hospital and training center in Shanghai which will serve patients and train medical professionals throughout the People's Republic of China.
    The Shanghai Children's Medical Center, to be constructed in the rapidly developing PuDong District of Shanghai, represents a major facility development initiative for Project HOPE, an international health education organization based in the United States.  The 250-bed acute care center will serve as a pediatric facility and teaching resource for health-care professionals from across China.
    The development of the Shanghai Children's Medical Center stems from longstanding cooperation between Project HOPE and the Chinese, through comprehensive health education programs which Project HOPE has operated since 1983 in cooperation with universities in Shanghai, Hangchou, Xian, Beijing and Chengdu.  Project HOPE and the municipal government of Shanghai are sharing in the development of this facility, with Project HOPE providing training for medical staff, consultation in design and construction and assistance with the procurement of medical equipment.
    "The Shanghai Children's Medical Center offers the international community of givers a remarkable opportunity to help heal severely ill children by providing advanced technologies and training programs for their health providers," Walsh said.  "To me, this facility will be a permanent health fair, a model for participants in global health exchange to share the best they have to offer."
    Project HOPE's 32 years in international health includes significant health technology exchange through facility development. By improving resources, Project HOPE is able to educate health professionals while equipping them with the resources necessary to make health improvements permanent.
    Project HOPE has assisted with the development of children's hospitals throughout the world.  Since 1974, Project HOPE has worked with the Polish-American Children's Hospital in Krakow, which has grown to become a leading pediatric medical center and an educational resource for the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe.
    This agreement builds on biomedical engineering, nursing education and medical training programs for the Shanghai Children's Medical Center that have already begun.  After intensive discussions, the agreement was signed Friday by Dr. Fei and John T. Walsh, president of the Health Facilities Development Division, Project HOPE.
    Also included in the Chinese delegation were Hua Jianmin, vice chairman, Planning Commission, Shanghai Municipal People's Government; Xi Daozhang, director, Comprehensive Division, Office of People's Education & Wealth; Dr. Wang Dehui, chief engineer, Division of Capital Construction, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau; Liu Li-Min, associate professor, Shanghai Second Medical University; and Zou Xiaoning, director, Foreign Affairs Section, Shanghai Children's Medical Education Center and Shanghai Second Medical University.
    Project HOPE, the primary activity of The People-to-People Health Foundation Inc., currently operates programs in 28 countries, including the United States.  Programs in China include nursing education, hospital administration, surgical care, rural medical education and preventive dentistry.  Project HOPE was established in 1958 and has offices in Washington and San Francisco and headquarters in Millwood, Va.
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    /CONTACT:  Maggie Wolff Peterson of Project HOPE, 703-837-2100/ CO:  Project HOPE ST:  Virginia IN:  HEA SU: MH-SB -- DC028 -- 4578 11/18/91 15:44 EST
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Date:Nov 18, 1991

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