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Endoscopic Suturing System

The reusable 5 mm Quik-Stitch[R] Endoscopic Suturing System provides surgeons a new level of intracorporeal knot security in general surgery and gynecological procedures. This suturing system features a 5 mm reusable stainless steel handle, a 2.1 mm reusable stainless steel needle driver, and a suture spool with a pre-tied Roeder knot. The 5 mm Quik-Stitch is available in different handle and needle driver lengths to accommodate a variety of closed procedures.

Pare Surgical, Inc., 7332 S. Alton Way, Unit H, Englewood, CO 80112.

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OR Equipment

ALM Surgical Equipment offers a full range of OR equipment including the PrismAlix series and AX series surgical lights, the LoadMaster ceiling service system, the ST004 surgical tables, and the Warmix warming cabinets.

ALM Surgical Equipment, Inc., 1820 N. Lemon St., Anaheim, CA 92801.

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Surgical Instruments

The first of these three surgical instrument lines is German-made and German-crafted. The second, named Middleline, carries a one year warranty. The final is an economical line of instruments that comes with a value-driven warranty. All of these lines are available to be purchased direct from the manufacturer, saving the surgeon 30% to 60%.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp., 4575 Hudson Dr., Stow, OH 44224.

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Reusable Patient Return Electrode

The Mega 2000 does not use adhesive to attach to the patient's skin, and is as safe as any return currently available. Because this product is reusable, it is more economical than traditional grounding pads.

MegaDyne Medical Products, Inc., 11506 S. State Street, Draper, UT 84020.

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Dual Light Source

Model XL 150-2 offers bright Quartz Halogen 200 watt illumination, 3600 [degrees] Kelvin color temperature, 4800 footcandle output to a fiber optic headlight, world wide power (100/240v - 50/60Hz), and fits most cables. Connectors for any cable or instrument specified are available. A reserve lamp is contained in the housing for quick replacement on the spot. This light source is ETL certified to UL 2601, cETL certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 601.1, as well as CE Certified for Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Products for Medicine, 1201 E. Ball Rd., Anaheim, CA 92805.

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Dermal Wound Cleanser

Clinical Care dermal wound cleanser is a broad spectrum antimicrobial rinse that aids in removing debris and particulate matter from dermal wounds without tissue irrigation. It has a three-year shelf life and replace the use of sterile saline, which has no chemical capacity to perform a wound cleansing or decontamination function. Clinical Care cleanser is not a medium nor will it support the growth of bacteria due to its efficient antimicrobial activity.

Care-Tech Laboratories, Inc., 3224 South Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63139.

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