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PROBLEM POST: How to stop static on the car.


MY WIFE has a problem with static electricity in the car. Every time she shuts the car door, touching the metalwork, she receives quite a hefty jolt.

Her sister had the same problem and found the solution with a device that fitted her key ring which worked by touching the metal end of the plastic covered device onto the metalwork of the car. I have tried high and low to find one of these devices but with no joy. Can you help?

I CANNOT find this but I do have a few ideas you might find helpful.

You could try one of the sprays sold by computer shops. Spray on the fabric of the car and it will help keep this moist.

When your wife gets out of the car she should make sure she holds the car door as she steps down, keeping contact with the car. This will discharge the electricity through the car. If she steps down without touching the metal and then comes back to lock the car she will quite likely get a shock.

Wearing lots of nylon, tights and particularly nylon underwear, does allow static to build-up on the surface of the clothing. Wool and cotton clothing carry more moisture and make a shock less likely.

I HAVE acquired a Sharp Carousel microwave but have no instructions. Being 95 years of age I know nothing about microwaves. Do you know where I can get a manual? I enclose model details.

WRITE to Sharp Manuals, Teega House, Market Street, Burnley, Lancs. BB110 1SH. Tel. 0870 6092096. Tell them the model number. The price will be pounds 9 including post. Any cheque should be made payable to Inkfish Services.

DO YOU know where I can get spares for a Moulinex Charlotte 3 Mincer. After many enquiries, I find none are now available. I need the vital star cutter for Type 544. YOU can get spares from Wykes Electrical Ltd., 200 Camden Street, Birmingham B1 3DP. Tel. 0121 200 2740. Type 544 is not the model number. You need to tell them this, which is on the bottom.

WE HAVE tried all the glass cleaners, white spirit and nail polish remover and still cannot remove the glue under the labels on the new double-glazed windows fitted on a sun lounge. Can you tell us anything to remove the unsightly mess?

TRY cellulose thinners, sold to thin varnish etc. Use just a little and take care, particularly to keep it from coming into contact with the plastic frame.

MY PROBLEM is finding an auction or getting a valuation of an autograph book I have with many famous names of the 1930s. I believe there is a firm in Manchester which deals with memorabilia of famous people. Can you give me any help?

THE firm is probably Sportizus, dealers in vintage sporting and contemporary memorabilia.

If you want to send your book, they will give you a receipt, check the signatures are genuine and give you a valuation. The valuation is not free but depends on the valuation figure. Ideally you would deliver the book to avoid any risk of it getting lost but if you do post use special delivery. If you want to call first the number is 0161 839 6210.

The value will, of course, depend on the names. But those of some big stars, Marilyn Monroe Marlon Brando etc, may now be worth thousands.

The address is 2-9 St. Annes Street, Manchester M2 7LC.

A READER at Llanrwst tells me that, while my inform a - ti on some weeks ago led me to report that the product Veromax was no longer available, it is on sale at all branches of Boots.

This is a herbal supplement which claims to boost the libido for men and women. Model Jordan is promoting it for women and says it definitely works. The price is pounds 32 99 for a months supply. My thanks to the reader for writing.

LIVERPOOL is twinned with Odessa and Manchester with St. Petersburg, Russia. I would like to visit both places. Can you tell me if Liverpool and Manchester have friendly connections with their twin cities and any friendship organisations that still exists?

LIVERPOOL has links with several cities, including Odessa. You could contact the Judith Agis, International Links Teams, Liverpool City Council, Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool L69 2DG. But visits to the Liverpool linked cities are really for official delegations rather than the public.

8 Write to Patricia Watterson, Problem Post, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Problem Post regrets that due to the volume of enquiries, letters cannot be acknowledged and not all letters answered. Since we are unable to enter into correspondence, do not send stamped addressed envelopes.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 28, 2003
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