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THIS CUSTOM HOME KNOWN AS THE Pond House is a reflection of its natural surroundings. The stone wall out front, the entry and the chimney are all comprised of native fieldstones, and the curvy rear porch overhang was derived from the irregular shape of the property's pond. Architect Peter Twombly modeled the house after local, informal cottages with deep overhangs and exposed rafters. Low-key red cedar shingles complete the woodsy look.

The client had a limited budget, so simple rectangular shapes were used for the house and garage, adding interest here and there with bumps and bays. "We also sprung off with some different roof pitches to add a little variety," Twombly Says.

Bright interiors were imperative on such a heavily wooded lot. Painted plaster with nummal wood trim and a light birch floor complete the modern, Shaker style. "It's less expensive than maple but gives that same blond wood look," the architect notes.

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Author:Weber, Carolyn
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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