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 SAN DIEGO, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the San Diego Interagency Water Quality Panel is touring the Paco Project, a first-of-its-kind partnership operation designed by Greenfield Environmental to clean copper ore out of San Diego Bay, according to Dan Kazarian, executive vice president.
 "Greenfield Environmental and the San Diego Unified Port District have come together to develop a cost-effective, environmentally sound technology to clean up San Diego Bay," said Kazarian. "The technology is innovative and efficient, and the Paco Project proves the advantages of the public and private sectors coming together."
 The Paco Project, located in the Port District at the National City 24th Street Marine Terminal, is a new, state-of-the-art process for removing high concentration copper fractions from dredged material so that the copper can be effectively recycled back to the smelter. Fractions of ore which comply with land-based standards can by recycled back to natural habitats.
 "Greenfield has used variations of this technology for existing environmental clean-up projects," said Kazarian. "Paco has been modified to include chemistry for concentrating metals and mechanical techniques necessary to convert contaminated sediments into recyclable materials."
 The San Diego Interagency Water Quality Panel was established by Senator Lucy Killea (SB 1525) to insure comprehensive coordination in finding solutions to pollution issues in San Diego Bay. The panel, chaired by Jim Mocalis, is made up of policy-makers and their technical advisors. The legislation directs the panel to: coordinate monitoring and community education efforts regarding sources of pollution as well as establish a comprehensive bay management plan. Inclusive in the panel's charter is the responsibility to provide advice and counsel to the California Legislature and state agencies regarding water pollution issues as they relate to San Diego Bay.
 San Diego Bay is an important and valuable resource to the southern California region. Its use demands a balance of the needs of commercial, recreational, industrial, national security, and natural habitat perspectives.
 From 1979 to 1985 the 24th Street Marine Terminal was used for stockpiling, handling, and bulk-loading copper ore concentrate. Each year, nearly 140,000 tons of ore were shipped via rail from Arizona mines to the Port where Paco Terminals Inc. (an Arkansas-based copper transporting company) used cranes to load ships with bulk copper ore. During the loading process, accidental discharges introduced copper ore into the bay adjacent to the Terminal.
 Greenfield Environmental was retained by the Port District in February 1993 to conduct a pilot environmental remediation program at the site. The successful project proved Greenfield's system of chemical extraction, fixation, and recycling to be the most effective and environmentally sound solution for the entire clean-up. In July 1993, the Board of Port Commissioners and Federal Court authorized Greenfield to complete the process.
 Greenfield Environmental Services division specializes in on-site treatment by applying a variety of technologies through transportable treatment units. Greenfield operates within the western states from five regional areas which include San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, and Seattle. Greenfield specializes in hazardous waste- related services and consists of five subsidiary companies. Greenfield is committed to the community's and industry's efforts to find innovative recycling and reuse methods for regulated and non-regulated wastes.
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Date:Dec 2, 1993

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