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PRINCIPALVICTIM OF GAY SEX KILLING Bizarre death of gay teacher; Headmaster's bruised body found tied up.

AN IRISH headmaster working in Brazil has been murdered in a bizarre gay sex killing.

The body of homosexual Michael Thomas Casey McCann, 57, was found by a maid tied up in bed at his plush Sao Paulo apartment early yesterday morning.

He was wearing only underpants, his hands and feet were bound and he was covered in bruises.

Police say he had probably been suffocated and are now trying to trace one of his boyfriends.

Last night, police chief Rita de Cassia Silva, said: "Mr McCann lived alone, but neighbours say he had a lot of visits from young men.

"Because of the way Mr McCann was found, with his hands and feet tied, we are treating this as a murder

inquiry. He had been suffocated but we don't know how.

"And we may be looking for one of the men who used to visit him.

"We also spoke to his maid who says there was nothing missing from his apartment - we've ruled out robbery as a possible motive."

Neighbours in the exclusive Jardim Europa district say Mr McCann was openly homosexual and had a string of young lovers.

Believed by school sources to come from Dublin, Mr McCann was well-known among the ex-pat community.

He was a regular guest at some of the city's poshest parties and had friends in the diplomatic set.

Mr McCann was in charge for the past 10 years of the upmarket St Paul's National School in Sao Paulo - which offers British-style education for children aged three to 16.

He also taught business education and was looking forward to retiring this year.

Demand for places at St Paul's is high among Sao Paulo's ex-pat community. Yesterday, the school was closed in tribute to the murdered principal.
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Author:Young, Caoimhe
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 29, 2000
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